10 Essential Tips for Picking the Perfect PBT Keycaps

PBT Keycap

Upgrading your mechanical keyboard with a fresh set of keycaps can entirely transform its look, feel and sound. PBT has become one of the most popular keycap materials, loved for its durable, textured finish. But with so many PBT keycap sets now available, how do you decide which is right for your keyboard and typing preferences? This definitive guide covers the 10 most important factors to consider when picking the perfect PBT keycaps.


Material: Understand PBT Plastic Properties

Unlike ABS plastic, PBT plastic is extremely resistant to oils from skin contact and shine from wear over time. This gives PBT keycaps a matte texture that retains the legibility of the legends. The material is also harder than ABS, providing a crisp, firm typing feel preferred by many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. While thickness can vary, most PBT keycaps range from 1mm to 1.5mm thick. This improves durability and structure integrity compared to thinner ABS sets.


Legends: Evaluate Printing vs Dye-Sub Methods

Most PBT keycaps use either pad printing or dye-sublimation for lettering. Pad printing applies ink on top of the keycaps for a raised texture. But with extended use, this printing can fade or rub off over time with frequent fingernail contact. Dye-sub PBT keycaps embed legends beneath the surface, resulting in a smooth feel and increased longevity. Doubleshot molding is also an exceptional printing method, fusing together two plastic layers to form a legend that won’t fade or rub off.


Profile: Match to Your Keyboard

Keycap profiles refer to the exact shape and curvature. PBT keycap sets come in a variety of standard profiles like OEM, Cherry, DSA and SA. Most profiles were initially designed for specific Chery MX style mechanical switches. You’ll want to select a profile that not only matches your keyboard mount (north-facing vs south-facing) but also provides your preferred look and feel. For example, while SA profile keycaps have a dramatic sculpted shape, shorter profiles like DSA have a uniform row shape some users favor.


Compatibility: Confirm Layout and Mounts

You want to choose PBT keycaps tailored for your specific keyboard’s layout and mount style to ensure all caps properly fit. Most sets fit full-size, tenkeyless or 60% layouts for common switches like Cherry MX, though specialty sizes for 40%, 65%, 75% or bigger gaming keyboards may have less availability. Also verify north-facing vs south-facing switch compatibility for optimal LED light visibility based on your exact keyboard model. Shopping keycaps designed for your board eliminates any fit or interference issues.


Size: Mix and Match Keys

Full 104-133 key sets provide every standard cap. But PBT keycaps are also sold in individual packs for specific areas like modifiers, alphas or key clusters like arrows. Buying separate key groups allows creating of customized color patterns across the keyboard. Just remember – rows have different sizes, so mixing and matching requires getting caps sized correctly for that keyboard region. Verify the dimensions match before purchasing.


Colors and Designs: Evaluate Visual Appeal

Aesthetic preference is key for selecting your ideal keycap colorway and font theme. The best PBT plastic keycap sets now offer diverse color combinations from basic black and white to vibrant pinks, purples, blues and more. You’ll also see creative novelties featuring icons, characters or symbols for decorative flair. Browse multiple designs to find the visual styling that matches your personal taste. Those using RGB keyboards should consider lighter opaque or translucent colors to accentuate underlying LED lighting.


Quality Control: Read Reviews Carefully

As with any product, production quality can vary between PBT keycap manufacturers and specific sets. Before buying, read multiple reviews checking for potential issues like warped or cracked stems, misalignments, fuzzy legends or inconsistent finishing around the sides or characters. Well-reviewed PBTs should have crisp, defined lines with the legends centered and caps fitting tightly on standard Cherry/OEM stems with no wiggle room or rotation.


Price: Set Realistic Budget Expectations

Basic 104-key ABS keycap sets can cost as little as $25-50. But high-quality PBT keycaps range from $50 into the $100+ zone for premium brands using specialized manufacturing techniques. Doubleshot PBT sets in particular come with a higher price tag. When shopping for keycaps, be realistic about your budget and keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for. During the holiday season, it’s always a good idea to keep a watchful eye out for any sales or promotions that may be available, as this could be an excellent opportunity to snag some high-quality keycaps at a discounted price.


Ergonomics: Prioritize Comfort

Upgrade your typing comfort by opting for sculpted keycap profiles mimicking the natural finger position, like Cherry and OEM profiles. Uniform profiles like DSA may take time to adjust to for touch typing, but they allow for flexible key positioning. Those new to mechanical keyboards may want to choose thinner PBT sets around 1mm for soft cushion, while experienced enthusiasts tend to prefer thicker caps from 1.3-1.5mm for satisfying feedback. There are ergonomic contoured sets designed to reduce hand and finger fatigue.


Additional Customization

PBT keycaps are a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts due to their durability and high-quality feel. One of the best things about PBT keycaps is the ability to customize your keyboard even further with alternate keycap options. This includes choices for the space bar length (6u, 7u), caps lock style (stepped, centered), or bottom row layout. In addition to these options, many PBT keycap sets also come with dedicated media and function keys tailored for specific keyboards.This can greatly improve the user experience, especially for frequent users of special keys. For those who want to take customization to the next level, some manufacturers even offer DIY custom engraving of novelties or names for fully personalized PBT keycap sets. This feature allows users to personalize their keyboard and add a unique touch to their setup.



With so many exciting PBT keycap sets available, use this definitive buyer’s guide when evaluating the countless options for your specific keyboard. Keeping all 10 tips in mind will ensure selecting long-lasting, durable keycaps with the right fit, feel, sound, longevity and aesthetics matching your preferences. Investing in quality keycaps transforms the look, touch and joy of typing on any mechanical gaming or office keyboard.



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