5 tips on how to increase sales on Instagram


Since its creation in 2010, Instagram has gained more and more space online, representing a vital resource for leveraging e-commerce sales from different market segments. Know more!

With the digital transformation and the increasing population’s access to the internet, online sales have conquered a significant space in the market. For you to have an idea, in 2021 alone, e-commerce sales totaled more than R$ 182.7 billion, a more than 27% growth compared to the previous year. That’s why many marketing managers wonder how to grow sales on Instagram.

This happens because this social network has proven to be efficient in directing users to sales platforms and promoting more interaction and engagement with brands. However, to succeed in sales with the help of Instagram, you need the right strategies.

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1. Have a business account

The first step to growing your sales on Instagram is to bet on a business account. With it, you can access exclusive resources and tools to optimize your page and achieve the best results.

  • The process is straightforward if your brand already has an account and you want to migrate it to a business account. 
  • Go to “Settings,” click on “Account,” and tap on the option “Switch to professional account”;
  • Chose the category that best represents your company;

It’s done! With your business account, you have access to exclusive reports on the behavior of your target audience, and you also have access to critical information, such as data on reach, impressions and weekly interactions. You can still check how your feed posts and stories are performing.

2. Keep your profile complete and up to date

Optimizing your page is essential to serve customers quickly and prevent them from entering the competition. Therefore, the more information you can transmit in your profile, the more agile the service will be and, consequently, the greater the chances of achieving a sale.

Thus, providing the link to your company’s website, WhatsApp, and betting on an original biography is essential for the success of activities.

An Instagram bio that converts can creatively summarize the purpose of your business while promoting the reflection of your brand personality. 

To humanize the contact, you can use emojis and other graphic resources allowed by the platform if it makes sense for your business. If you want to make multiple links available, you can do this with free generators such as links.

3. Create valuable content 

That competition is pretty fierce on social media is no secret to anyone. Therefore, to make your brand stand out from an avalanche of information, it is advisable to focus on creating valuable content, a range capable of adding to the customer’s shopping experience.

To create and make relevant content available, you can create a posting calendar, which will help you have an overview of the content available in a certain period. 

For that, you can consider the commemorative dates of the year, important dates for your niche market, news, and other exciting information for your target audience.

With this organization of contents, it is easier to produce them, even when there is a creative block.

4. Use the full potential of stories

The Instagram Stories feature, launched in 2016, has proven to be an exciting tool for interacting with the public. The content is available for 24 hours, making your page more dynamic. To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this tool, 58% of Instagram users prefer to see stories rather than feed posts. 

But if you want to take advantage of successful story content, you can save it and put it in the feed or pin it to your profile. Highlights are located below the profile bio and can be completely customized. 

You can take advantage of the stories space to:

  • create institutional content tabs;
  • share product tips;
  • information about the website;
  • show opinions of other customers about your company.

Anyway, there are many possibilities, and you can use your imagination to make the most of this feature! 

5. Bet on Instagram Shopping 

Inaugurated in 2018, Instagram Shopping allows companies to use product labels in their publications. With this resource, it is possible to provide the price of the goods and generate a link that leads to the brand’s e-commerce. This functionality reduces the distance between brands and consumers, making it a fundamental resource for the sales strategy on social networks. To use Instagram Shopping, you will need 4 things: 

  • have a business account;
  • sell physical products;
  • have at least 9 posts; 
  • associate the account to a Facebook product catalog using the Business Manager.

How to analyze sales results on Instagram with Instagram Analytics

As with every digital marketing strategy, actions to grow sales on Instagram also need to be examined, as this way, it is possible to ensure that measures are increasingly influential.

The first step in analyzing your Instagram business account data is to study the information Instagram Insights provides.

This is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool, and it provides access to the metrics of your leading publications, such as:

  • impressions
  • engagement
  • reach
  • comments and other data

By studying this data, you can measure your performance on the platform and promote ideas to improve sales-oriented performance. Instagram Analytics is only available on the mobile app; you need a business account to access it.

With everything right, click the “Information” tab at the top right menu. There you can check indicators such as reach and interaction.

Did you see how growing sales on Instagram is possible? For this, in addition to maintaining a calendar of valuable and recurring content aligned with your persona’s needs, you must study the competition and use tools to understand the platform’s dynamics better. Following these tips, the whole process gets much more accessible!


In conclusion, Instagram has proven to be a powerful platform for driving sales and increasing business revenue. With the right strategies, businesses can effectively leverage the platform to reach their target audience and convert them into customers. By following these five tips on increasing sales on Instagram, companies can maximize their potential and see tangible results. From optimizing your profile and content to utilizing Instagram’s various features and collaborating with influencers, there are countless opportunities to boost sales on this popular social media platform. So why wait? Start implementing these tips today and watch your sales soar on Instagram.



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