6 Legal Websites to Download DJ Music For Free

6 Legal Websites to Download DJ Music For Free

DJs often need to download music legally. This allows them to avoid copyright issues and ensures that the tracks are high-quality. Moreover, downloading legal music supports artists.

One option is to use a website like Tubidy. This site offers a variety of tracks with various Creative Commons licenses. Alternatively, you can check your favorite labels or DJs Facebook pages for free music.


Another site for DJs to get music is SoundClick, which gained popularity during MySpace’s heyday. Its songs are tagged with Creative Commons licenses, which means DJs can use them legally (but not necessarily royalty free) as long as they attribute the creator and have the song credited in their videos or mixes.

The site also offers features like audio mastering and distribution tools to help DJs and other musicians make money from their work. Its Pro Unlimited subscription costs $144 a year and includes Repost by SoundCloud and other monetization tools.

Although downloading illegally can be tempting, it’s better for DJs to buy their music. This helps them support artists and keep the music industry alive. It also makes sure that their DJ sets don’t violate any copyright laws. This will save them from getting into trouble in the future and may even help them find cool new DJ music that nobody else has got.


DJs have long sought ways to build a collection of music without spending too much money. While torrenting and illegal ripping remain popular sources of free DJ music, they come with a host of legal and ethical problems. In this article, we’ll discuss several legal websites to download DJ music for free.

The website Jamendo provides a large selection of songs with different licenses. Its small license allows you to use songs for personal and commercial projects, while its large license offers additional features such as radio, TV, and cinema.

Another great site for downloading DJ music is Mp3paw. While this site isn’t as popular as its competitors, it still offers a large selection of DJ music. The website is also free to use and allows users to support DJs by giving them tips.

You can star artists or albums on Jamendo, and your starred items will show up on your profile page. You can also choose to share your favorite Jamendo tracks on social media platforms.


Despite the popularity of music download services like iTunes or Beatport, DJs need to be careful when choosing where to buy songs for their sets. Many artists and labels host free music samplers on their websites or social media channels. These sites often offer unique songs that can set DJs apart from their competition.

Some DJs may use YouTube rips to build their collections. But this practice is illegal and robs the artists of their work. In addition, ripping videos puts DJs at risk of viruses and malware.

For legal DJ downloads, there are several reputable online music websites, such as MP3Paw and Bleep. These sites allow users to browse a variety of genres and find tracks that fit their style. They also have free tools to convert the files into other formats without compromising audio quality. These services are a great option for DJs who want to save money and avoid potential legal problems.


There are many reasons why DJs want to download music for free. They may want to expand their collection without spending much money, or they might be looking for a particular song they can’t find anywhere else. However, illegal downloading is a huge problem for the music industry, and violating copyright laws can result in severe fines.

There’s a lot of legal DJ music on the internet, but it can be difficult to find and locate the best songs. Fortunately, there are many websites that offer free downloads of music and videos for use in DJ sets. These sites also offer high-quality audio and video.

Another popular website for legally downloading DJ music is Bensound, a site that specializes in royalty free music. While this site is aimed at content creators and music supervisors, it’s still an excellent source of music for DJs. In addition to the wide selection of music, Bensound also offers a variety of editing and mixing tools.


Music piracy is illegal and can land DJs in serious legal trouble. It also robs artists of the work that they put into their art. DJs should always buy official music from their favorite artists and not illegal third party websites.

Luckily, there are some sites where DJs can find free music for their sets. One popular option is Bensound, which features tracks that are royalty free. This site is popular with content creators and music supervisors, but it’s also a great resource for DJs looking to create their own music.

Another good source for DJ beats is Bandcamp. It has a database that contains a variety of genres, including house, downtempo, and hardcore styles. It also has a large selection of more underground styles of music, such as metal and acid-wave. Many of these songs can be downloaded for free, but some require a donation to the artist.


Torrenting and file sharing websites haven’t disappeared entirely as a source of music for DJs, but they come with many legal and ethical pitfalls. While they may provide a quick way to build a music collection, they can also lead to copyright issues and even put you at risk for malware.

One option is to look for sites like ccMixter, which provides free, creative commons-licensed music that can be used for personal and commercial purposes. The site lists the license for each song and whether it requires attribution. Alternatively, you can check out the websites of individual DJs and producers to see if they have direct download links.

If you’re interested in a particular artist, be sure to sign up for their mailing list. This will help you get access to free tracks from your favorite artists and keep you informed of new releases.so basically this is a site where you can listen best music for free.



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