8 Best Mods For Brotato You Should Try


Try out these mods if you want to spice up your roguelike experience in Brotato.

Brotato is a top-down shooter that blends the favorite carb of many gamers with the fast-paced gameplay of a roguelike. Players have to fight off waves of hostile aliens by giving their potato hero a wide range of weapons and other things.The method for Brotato is not as simple as it seems.There are different stats for each potato, like speed, range, and luck. They can also use up to six different guns at once, giving them a huge number of possible loadouts.

There are already a lot of Brotato mods on the Steam Workshop. Some of them, of course, turn the potatoes into anime girls. Players should make sure that the Brotils and Content Loader mods are installed before going on another starch-fueled spree.

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Ramesh Lal

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