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Henri Moissan discovered natural moissanite in 1893, although it is extremely scarce. Fortunately, experts found a method to produce lab-grown moissanite, which closely mimics the appearance and qualities of real moissanite. Its popularity continues to rise because of its lower cost, unmatched toughness, and breathtaking shine. Let’s explore how to buy moissanite jewelry online.

Advantages of Adding Moissanite Jewelry

Here are compelling arguments for incorporating moissanite into your treasured possessions:


Comparatively cheaper than diamonds but equally elegant and enduring


Scoring 9.25 on the Mohs scale means it rivals diamond hardness, perfect for regular use


Laboratory-grown moissanite avoids ethical issues surrounding diamond extraction

Deciding Upon the Ideal Moissanite Item

Selecting the ultimate moissanite jewelry piece requires careful thought. Contemplate the following aspects:


Identify whether you seek an engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary present, or simply another showstopper for your collection

Metal choice

Pick white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum depending on taste, complexion, and current accessories

Design style 

Choose among classic solitaire, trendy halo, antique filigree, etc., matching your character and enhancing the central stone shape

Locations to Obtain Moissanite Jewelry Online

A wide array of virtual stores feature mesmerizing moissanite creations, yet finding dependable sources matters. Search for accredited moissanite stones validated by esteemed establishments, i.e., Charles & Colvard Forever One® or Supernova®. Assess return procedures and guarantees before finalizing purchases.

Trusted merchants comprise:

  • James Allen
  • Blue Nile
  • MoissaniteCo
  • Brilliant Earth

These providers boast expansive catalogues, thorough product details, vivid imagery, plus skilled assistance.

Approximate Expenses for Moissanite Jewelry

Compared to diamond equivalents, moissanites usually cost approximately 75%-90% less, rendering significant savings. For example, expect to pay $600-$800 for a round-cut 1-carat moissanite against a minimum of $4,000 for a similar diamond.

Strategies When Procuring Moissanite Online

Maximize your investment by heeding these suggestions during digital acquisition:

  • Study moissanite assessment documents and endorsements
  • Verify complimentary shipment and exchange alternatives
  • Guarantee manufacturers support their goods via guarantee protection
  • Peruse client evaluations for overall gratification insights

Possible Drawbacks When Purchasing

Despite the convenience, certain challenges emerge:

Loss of tangibility

Absence of hands-on inspection may result in misinterpretation of colour or dimension

Delivery disruptions

Transport disturbances cause disappointment and extend anticipation periods

Nonetheless, cautious supplier selection mitigates these hazards substantially.

Caring for Your Moissanite Treasure

Maintaining your moissanite delight necessitates straightforward chores:

  • Handwash gently in lukewarm water, gentle detergent, and smooth fabric. Evade caustic solutions or gritty materials.
  • Safeguard individual storage separate from alternate trinkets to prevent harm.
  • Regularly inspect prongs, fastenings, and mountings for indicators of strain.
  • Follow these recommendations to preserve your glimmering moissanite keepsake optimally.


Ultimately, online shopping proffers captivating moissanite jewlery across diverse budget ranges. Trustworthy sellers accentuate consumer pleasure via hassle-free refunds, extensive coverage, and impeccable workmanship. Therefore, elevate your look effortlessly with striking moissanite jewels – turn heads everywhere!

Commonly Asked Questions

Why does moissanite outshine diamonds?

Moissanite possesses a loftier refractive index (2.65) versus diamonds (2.42), scattering light magnificently.

Can moissanite bands undergo resizing?

Indeed, competent artisans routinely adjust moissanite bands much like conventional stonework.

How durable are moissanites?

Their extraordinary sturdiness and scratch resistance enable moissanites to persist lustrously for extended spells.

Does moissanite contribute positively to ecology?

Being lab-generated, moissanites circumvent detrimental consequences linked to diamond excavation.

Will moissanites uphold their monetary value?

Although not appreciating assets, moissanites sustain initial expenditure adequately due to steady interest.



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