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Are you trying to find a way on how can I export all my Outlook emails to PDF format? If so, your quest is over here. As we will be providing various solutions to this problem in this article, Let’s start, then.

Without a doubt, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most well-known and incredible email client applications used by users to save and obtain data for communication purposes. However, in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and other editions, certain users might need to save emails from Outlook in PDF format. Numerous things may come to mind in this case, but the most crucial one is how to save Outlook emails as PDF files without losing any data. So, in this article, we’ll go over how to accomplish a migration using manual techniques or an automated solution, depending on what the user needs.

Why Do Users Want to Convert PST Files from Outlook to PDF Format?

Everyone is aware that Microsoft Outlook is one of the greatest and most extensively used email client applications. Most of Outlook users export their PST files to PDF documents. Some of the causes are listed in the section below:

  • Adobe PDF files are used by layers to display the document file as their proof and for forensic purposes. in order for people to easily extract PST mails and save them in PDF format.
  • For presentations and assignments, users, instructors, and students desire to save Outlook PST to PDF format. Using this software, you can also demand that users build an e-book for their projects so that they can access their crucial data from any location.
  • While PDF is platform-independent, PST files are platform-dependent.

Can I Export All My Outlook Emails to PDF Manually?

Users can export Outlook emails to PDF format for free using a variety of manual methods. But using these manual approaches raises the risk of data loss. Furthermore, this method is extremely technical, making it difficult for non-technical users to implement it. To save Outlook PST files to PDF format, however, you can follow the instructions we have provided below.

  1. Install Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Then select “Save As” from the “File” option on the menu bar.
  3. A new window will now appear where users can select HTML set-up and save the File Type as a favorite.
  4. After that, select a location to save the HTML file by using the “Browse” option, then select “Save.”
  5. Open the saved HTML file and then choose Start with MS Word from the menu bar.
  6. Launch MS Word and select the PDF file option under File >> Save As.
  7. Open the PDF file you converted last.

The free manual technique will be useful if there aren’t many PST files. The manual technique cannot be used to bulk convert Outlook PST files to PDF file format with attachments if you have a large number of PST files. Your valuable time is wasted in a one-by-one process because it can only convert one email at a time. Additionally, there’s a chance that some data could be lost. Therefore, it is advised to use a trustworthy and efficient third-party CubexSoft PST Converter program.

To quickly convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF format, simply follow these steps: –

  1. Open and run the program on your Windows PC.
  2. Press the “Add Files” button to add PST files or folders for PDF file conversion.
  3. You receive a helpful “Preview” feature after uploading PST files. You can use this feature to view certain PST files or folders. After choosing the files you want to convert, click the Export button to continue.
  4. When you click the Export button, a new screen with several options and sub-options appears. Choose the PDF file format and any other relevant options, then select the output location and click the “Convert” option to continue.
  5. Following the completion of the entire migration process, the application will finish the conversion process, and a window displaying the message “Successfully Conversion” will appear.

Important Note: Simply use the freeware PST to PDF Converter Tool to convert 25 emails and their attachments from PST to PDF format. Before spending money, the free demo edition is the best way to ensure complete satisfaction. Once users have tested the software’s functionality, they may purchase the full version to convert unlimited numbers of Outlook emails to PDF with attachments.

Some Advanced Key Features of CubexSoft PST to PDF Converter Software

  • Email Conversion: The primary function of a PST to PDF Converter is to convert emails stored in PST files into individual PDF files. This typically includes the email content, sender and recipient information, subject, and date.
  • Attachment Handling: A good converter should be able to handle various types of attachments, such as images, documents, spreadsheets, etc., and convert them along with emails.
  • Batch Conversion: PST to PDF Converter supports batch processing, allowing you to convert multiple PST files or multiple emails within a PST file simultaneously. This can save time and effort when dealing with a large number of emails.
  • Selective Conversion: Being able to choose specific emails or folders for conversion is a handy feature, especially when you don’t need to convert the entire PST file.
  • Folder Structure Preservation: The PST to PDF Converter maintain the folder structure of the original PST file in the PDF output, making it easier to navigate and organize the converted emails.
  • Attachments Embedding: PST File to PDF Converter software offer the option to embed attachments directly within the PDF, ensuring that all relevant information is contained in a single file.
  • Email Metadata Preservation: Important email metadata, such as the email’s date, time, sender, recipient, and subject, should be retained in the converted PDF.
  • Password Protection: To enhance security, some converters may offer the ability to password-protect the resulting PDF files.
  • Customizable Settings: Depending on the converter, you might have options to customize the output format, layout, image resolution, and other parameters.
  • Compatibility: The software was compatible with different versions of PST files and various Outlook configurations.
  • User-friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface makes the conversion process intuitive and straightforward, even for non-tech-savvy users.
  • Speed and Performance: Faster conversion speeds and efficient resource utilization are always desirable features.

The Final Words!

We discussed both manual and third-party ways for how can I export all my Outlook emails to PDF in the blog section above. Depending on their needs and requirements, users can select any of the suggested solutions. If a user must use a third-party tool, they can test it out by downloading the free or trial version of the software mentioned above. Once users are satisfied with the software, they can move forward and purchase the utility so they can quickly convert bulk Outlook emails to PDF with attachments.

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