Commercial Flooring in London – Your Durable Option for Office

Commercial Flooring in London: Your Durable Option for Office

Do you run an office? Do you plan to renovate it and make it look even more aesthetic? Well, before you get into the designing parts, here is a question for you. Which component in your commercial space is the most important? Well, of all the various portions of your commercial building, the one space where you should pay attention to is the flooring.

The floor of the commercial space gets the maximum traffic every day. As a result, it experiences wear and tear. Due to this constant friction, the flooring gets destroyed after a certain time. This is one of the many reasons why people always look for durable flooring options. You want the flooring to last long. If you are too confused about this, you can have a talk with the commercial flooring fitters.

However, the type of flooring suitable for your commercial purpose will depend on your needs. What will help you to invest in the best flooring for your commercial space? Obviously, after knowing about the types of flooring, you can make a right decision. To give you an idea about the types of commercial flooring, here is a blog.

Different types of commercial flooring

Since you want to invest in flooring materials for a commercial space, you will have to keep in mind the factor of traffic. Many people think that installing commercial carpet on top of the floor can save the floor. This is completely a myth and has no guarantee to protect the floor. To get the best commercial flooring options, here are the different types you need to pay attention to:

1. Terrazzo

Do you want durable commercial flooring options? In that case, the one who stands as the leader is terrazzo. To prepare terrazzo, the manufacturers use either epoxy resin or cement matrix and mix it with granite glass. Here, the granite glass has to be recycled. Of all the commercial flooring materials, terrazzo is the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing flooring material.

If you have a high-end office area, a lustrous entrance way or opry houses or standard showrooms, terrazzo is a great way to impress both your customers and employees. Besides, having a good workspace also enhances workflow and productivity. Since terrazzo stands at the top of this list, you can expect its price to be on the higher side.

2. Quarry tile

Do you have a restaurant? Or, is your business related to the food industry? If so, then what kind of flooring options have you thought about it? Well, the best flooring here is the quarry tile as it can withstand foot traffic, spillage, and grease buildup. Although people belonging to the food industry generally use porcelain tiles, quarry tiles offer the same functionality but at a much cheaper rate.

During the installation of quarry tile, you should use the right material to fix it tightly. Here, you can use thin-set adhesives with epoxy grout. Yes, epoxy grout is a slightly expensive material. However, this is a perfect fit for areas that experience high traffic every day. One downside of the quarry tile is you will not get a lot of design options here.

3. Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile has evolved the flooring industry for the better. To prepare this resilient material, the manufacturers use three distinct layers:

  • A digital graphic film that replicates other flooring designs
  • A vinyl-made base layer that imparts dimensional stability to the floor
  • An outerwear layer

Tim and again, the luxury vinyl tile has proved itself to be one of the best flooring options for high-traffic areas like offices and restaurants. Besides, you will get a variety of designs at various price points. Therefore, you can purchase luxury vinyl tile within your budget. Not only are these luxury vinyl tiles able to withstand heavy traffic, but also can bear spillages. Besides, these are versatile and flexible.

4. Epoxy flooring system

Are you looking for a cost-effective flooring solution? Then, this epoxy flooring system is apt for you. Right from healthcare offices to food distribution warehouses, the epoxy flooring system can do wonders. To create this flooring system, the manufacturers apply a thermosetting resin to the concrete slab treated with moisture. On top of this, they add the epoxy coating to prevent chemical spills, abrasions, and traffic.

Not just aesthetically appealing, the epoxy flooring system is strong and durable enough to withstand all odds. In addition, it is capable of withstanding stains, odors, and molds as well. Being certified by the LEED, many people prefer this epoxy flooring system due to its authenticity and versatility.

5. Carpet tiles

Now a days, the carpet tiles are surpassing the soft surface flooring due to obvious reasons. Although these carpet tiles flooring is a costly affair, replacing them is much easier than the other flooring options. If your commercial area is prone to heavy traffic, make sure to install these carpet tiles now.

It is better to replace these carpet tiles than to seam, stretch, and replace them again. The carpet tiles are available in two formats –water-resistant carpet tiles and industrial-strength carpet tiles. To maintain these carpet tiles, we recommend consistent vacuuming and cleaning. Indeed, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort into cleaning them.

6. Rubber flooring

If you are looking for a flooring option that makes you stand out from the crowd, nothing can be better than rubber flooring. Not only is rubber flooring capable of withstanding wear and tear but also reduces a lot of noise generated from the surroundings. It also prevents the underlying floor from facing cracks and significant damage.

Although rubber flooring does not take much effort and money to maintain, its rubbery smell stays for long. Besides, the cushioned effect of these rubber flooring makes them not suitable for a lot of businesses and office areas.

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Therefore, from these various types of flooring options, you can pick any according to your demand for decorating the commercial space. You can rely on the service providers of commercial flooring in London for better results. They are experienced and skilled enough to understand your requirements and help you with their services accordingly.



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