How to Delete Duplicate Apple Mail MBOX emails in Mailbox?


We’ll go through how to remove duplicate emails in Apple Mail in this article. Here, we’ve provided a method to complete the work that is advised by professionals. You can utilize either option depending on your needs. Without further ado, let’s watch how it develops.

Every Mac book has a free desktop email client called Apple Mail. Additionally, it is connected with programs like iCal, iChat, and Address Book. Now, keeping track of emails and other objects might occasionally be a bit confusing. Apple Mail faces the same issues with duplicate emails as many other clients.


Now, if there are only a few identical emails, it might not be as disruptive; however, if there are many duplicate emails, people should be concerned about the issue. The daily activities might be easily hampered by a significant number of duplicate emails. For instance, if duplicate emails keep popping up, it will be difficult to locate the right ones when you need them. Additionally, there are other reasons why duplicate emails appear in Apple Mail, including

Users Query About Duplicate Emails in Apple Mail

Apple Iphone Mail app duplicating inboxes

Hi, on my iPhone mail app I have added four Exchange server emails. at random times they will create a second duplicate inbox which shows below the normal list of inboxes at the top. you can not delete these you can only untick them and they go away but then they come back again at a random time. I can not find a theme or a cause.

what I have tried so far which has not fixed it:

  • updating to the latest IOS
  • removing the accounts and re-adding them
  • speaking to apple, and senior apple advisor- they said its a Microsoft issue
  • looking on each outlook account for clues- all have no focused inbox turned on.
  • restarting the phone
  • deleting the mail app, then downloading again
  • lots of googling- lots of people have the same issue but no one has the answer
  • spoke to Microsoft on the phone- they were **** and give me an email address
  • emailed Microsoft outlook team specifically – they where even worse – no idea of what’s going on

Please help

You could have multiple entries for the same email address for the exchange account, which could cause this to occur.

  • It could be a problem on the sender’s end. You can receive an identical email from the sender several times.
  • Your iOS and Exchange account’s synchronization is poor. The same email may repeatedly download in Apple Mail.
  • You could experience duplicate emails in Apple Mail for any of these causes. We have thus provided the one and exclusive method that experts propose to liberate you from this issue. To learn the method, view the next section.

An Expert’s Guide to Removing Duplicate Emails from Apple Mail

Want an effective way to remove several identical emails from Apple Mail? You should use this TurstVare MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool. Many technical professionals endorse this wonderful application. This utility does the operation not just securely but also without any kind of file size limitation. Additionally, it contains several sophisticated filters that facilitate the task.

Notable characteristics of this software:-

  • You may eliminate duplicates using this tool within and outside the folder.
  • Additionally, without any limitations on file size, you may batch-duplicate your MBOX files.
  • Furthermore, you may submit your data into the app to replicate using either Add File or Add Folder.
  • Utilizing sophisticated filters, remove particular data based on Date Range, Subject, etc.
  • There are no restrictions of any kind, therefore you may simply remove duplicates from the MBOX file of any source.
  • To conduct remove duplicate emails in Apple Mail, this tool is compatible with Windows 11 and other older versions as well.

As you can see, this application is unique due to all of these wonderful features. These significantly ease your workload. Let’s now look at how to use this tool to complete the work.

How to Get Rid of Double Emails in Apple Mail Using This Software?

  • On your computer, install the program, then launch it.


  • Select Files or Select Folders to upload your MBOX files.
  • Check the boxes next to the email folders you wish to duplicate in the software panel’s submitted data.
  • Next, based on your needs, select either Search duplicates inside the folder(s) or Search duplicates across the folder(s).
  • Use the advanced filters to your needs.
  • Then click Extract to save the generated files in the browse window after choosing your chosen location.


These are the few easy actions you must take to complete the assignment. Even inexperienced users won’t encounter any difficulty using this program to Remove Duplicate Apple Mail MBOX emails in Mailbox with the TrustVare MBOX Duplicate Remover Tool.

Step 2: Open the generated MBOX file in Apple Mail.

Now, users may import newly produced files to their Mac Mail account without downloading any additional software. The procedure described below will do this task quickly. To put it another way, you will execute it eventually.

  • Start by launching your local screen’s Apple Mail account.
  • Next, select the Menu tab and click the File option.
  • Select the Import Mailboxes option from the drop-down list after that.
  • Select the option for Files in an MBOX format next.
  • Finally, choose Continue after adding the Duplicate Removal file.

All of your resulting MBOX files have now been imported to your Mac Mail Account without any duplicate emails.

Are Duplicate Emails in Apple Mail Manually Removed?

On the internet, there are several various manual techniques. A Thunderbird email client is used in one of them, while an Apple script is used in the other. But there isn’t a straightforward manual approach to doing this. Unless you have sufficient time to physically locate and remove each duplicate one at a time.

The user needs technical expertise to use any of the two manual techniques that are currently available. Additionally, platform dependencies apply to Thunderbird. As a result, you won’t be able to complete the process using manual techniques if you lack the technical expertise or a pre-activated copy of the Thunderbird email client.


In this post, we’ll go through a method advised by experts for clearing up duplicate emails in Apple Mail.  You may effortlessly remove duplicate emails from Apple Mail using the MBOX Duplicate Remover that we provided to you. You cannot find better software to complete the work than this. You can read how to delete duplicate emails from your Apple Mail account in this post without losing any attachments or correct emails. If you want to successfully delete duplicate emails from Mac Mail, you must follow our approach step-by-step. If you skip any steps, your file will not be correct. If you are still reading this post, it implies that you liked our answer. If so, you can download the software’s demo edition and give it a try.



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