Demand in Canada for Bartenders in 2023


If you are a Bartender and seeking to immigrate overseas, you must know that the Demand in Canada for Bartenders is quite good. You can get Canada PR from India Canada even if you do not have a job offer. Firstly, you have to check eligibility for Canada PR on the CRS Calculator. There are multiple immigration programs through which you can immigrate as a Bartender to Canada.

Moreover, Bartending is also among the highly demanded and lucrative occupations in Canada. These skilled workers can earn from $73500 to $99600 annually. A Bartender blends and serves non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The NOC – National Occupational Classification code for bartenders is 64301.

Title Examples

  •         Bar Attendant
  •         Barkeeper
  •         Bar Steward
  •         Barmaid
  •         Barman/Barwoman
  •         Bartenders’ Supervisor
  •         Beer Barman/Woman
  •         Head Barmaid
  •         Head Bartender
  •         Head Barman/Barwoman
  •         Lounge Supervisor-bartender
  •         Service Bartender
  •         Managing Bartender
  •         Chapman/Woman

Occupations that are not a part of the NOC 64301 are:

  •         Food Service and Restaurant Managers / Bar Managers
  •         Food and Beverage Servers

Job Responsibilities of a Bartender

Bartending is an assorted occupation that differs from one province to another in Canada. The hustle and bustle of a specific city or province in contrast with the other determines the diversity of the Bartending occupation.

For example, in a thrilled buzz of a loud crowd at a restaurant in Toronto, a Bartender can be excused for being a socialite.  But when it comes to the remote Prince Edward Island, it is better if the Bartender keeps their opinion to themselves. Thus, the role of a Bartender in Canada is quite variegated.

A Bartender is also required to be able to politely refuse a customer who is demanding a fresh drink after having already drunk many drinks. They must know how to stop one drink earlier than a drink very late.

The Bartender is also required to fix the rules for an irritable Customer while ensuring a positive experience for the Customer.

Requirements for Working as a Bartender in Canada

  •         Completing a Secondary Scholl can be needed
  •         Completing College or other Bartending programs
  •         Completing courses in Mixing drinks is normally needed
  •         Certification for Responsible Beverage Service can be needed
  •         Standing ability for lengthy periods and lifting weighty kegs and moving larger wine boxes

Pathways for Immigration to Canada as a Bartender

Express Entry

The quickest pathway for immigration to Canada is the Express Entry System and it is also the most simple. Candidates with more than 18 years of proficiency in both French and/or English languages and having precise qualifications can apply. The process can be completed quite faster mostly within 6 months.

Express Entry manages the following 3 programs:

  •         Federal Skilled Trades Program
  •         Canadian Experience Class
  •         Federal Skilled Workers Program

 FSWP is for immigrants who have not arrived in Canada earlier and allows applications for PR Visas.

Occupation in Demand

The in-demand Occupation is for individuals who have skills in specific fields. For instance, bartenders are sought after in the majority of the Canadian provinces. These workers can also move to Canada through the Occupation in Demand pathway.

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP is for semi-skilled and skilled immigrants seeking to work and reside and Canada. Every province has its unique PNP as well as requirements. You have to as a Bartender verify if you possess the skills needed by the chosen province. If you have them, you have a chance of receiving the nomination from the Province. Provincial Nomination offers you 600 points under the CRS and almost assures invitation to file an application for PR Visa.

The process to migrate to Canada as a Bartender

  •         Open a Profile in Express Entry

You have to create a profile in Express Entry on the website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada 

  •         Select a program

Choose the program for filing an application and the top options include:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  •         Get an offer of a job from an employer in Canada

While this is not mandatory, it will accelerate your immigration process to Canada.

  •         Get an Invitation to Apply

Once you score adequate points under CRS, you can anticipate getting the ITA.

  •         Submit your application and supporting documents

You get 2 months after receiving the ITA for filing the complete application for a PR Visa inclusive of all the supporting documents.

  •         Get your work permit

Once you arrive in Canada after approval of your application, you will get the Work Permit at the port of entry. You can then work in Canada.

  •         Canada welcomes you

Finally, you are all ready to work in Canada as a Bartender.

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In conclusion, Canada offers a promising and favorable destination for bartenders seeking to immigrate overseas. With a strong demand for bartenders and a range of immigration programs available, aspiring bartenders can pursue their dreams of living and working in Canada.

The Canadian job market recognizes the importance of bartenders, making it a highly demanded and lucrative occupation. Earning potential is considerable, with annual salaries ranging from $73,500 to $99,600. The National Occupational Classification code for bartenders (NOC 64301) encompasses various job titles, allowing flexibility in employment options.

The process of obtaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada is attainable even without a job offer. Aspiring immigrants must first determine their eligibility using the CRS Calculator and then explore suitable immigration pathways. The Express Entry system is a fast and straightforward route, catering to skilled workers proficient in English and/or French.

Moreover, the Occupation in Demand and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) pathways present additional opportunities for qualified bartenders. PNP nomination provides a significant boost to CRS points, virtually guaranteeing an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR Visa.

Bartending roles in Canada vary depending on the province, reflecting the diverse nature of the profession. Bartenders must adapt to different environments, from bustling city establishments to more reserved rural locations.

Education and certification requirements, such as completing secondary school, bartending programs, and responsible beverage service training, pave the way for a successful bartending career in Canada.

By following the immigration process, bartenders can start their journey towards Canada. Creating an Express Entry profile, exploring program options, and obtaining a job offer are essential steps. Once the ITA is received, candidates have two months to submit their PR Visa application along with supporting documents.



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