Easy and effective tips to clean your wood floors DIY

Easy and effective tips to clean your wood floors DIY

Do you know if hard wood floors are properly cleaned at regular intervals it is easily possible to retain their shine for years together? The two most crucial factors in this context are you have to clean the floors often at routine intervals and the cleaning must be done methodically. Remember, floors of our homes remain most vulnerable to wear and tear day in and day out. All the dust, grime, debris and dirt that we bring home from outside by walking inside rooms wearing shoes are accumulated on the floor and nowhere else.

Professional cleaners of wood floors

When you have wood floor in your house then you have to be little careful. Unlike the other varieties of floor, wood floors are definitely little sensitive. Thus when you let your wood floor to become little too dirty it is just not that you live in an unclean and unhygienic condition. Rather chances are high that the wood itself may undergo damage. It is relevant mentioning whether it is repair, refinish or replacement, dealing with wood floors is always an expensive affair. Professional cleaners of wood floors point out that on the other hand regular cleaning extends the life of these floors almost naturally.

As such cleaning this range of floors is not a challenging affair. To get your job done, you only need a few simple tools and natural products. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few crucial aspects on wood floor cleaning.

How often should you clean floors made of hardwood

Hardwood floors must be cleaned lightly a few times a week. Mopping should be done once a month (or in every two weeks if you feel necessary). Moping enables deep cleaning of your wooden floor. As a result the wood gets a fresh shine. If you choose a proper time to mop wooden floors then it is possible to avoid extra work and frustration. The best time to choose is when foot traffic is minimal or zero across your home. When everyone stays out of the house you can accomplish the task at that time faster, smoother and without any interruption.

A quick cleaning almost at regular intervals twice a week helps preventing the floors getting excessively dirty. You can rely on a microfiber dust mop to get rid of dust, dirt and all other particles that are carried into homes from outside. Why do we suggest a microfiber dust mop? There is a reason behind it. Such a mop will not scratch wood floors. Whereas it has been seen certain vacuums prove abrasive and scratch wood floors.

Things to consider before getting started

Before you actually start cleaning a wood floor for first time there are certain factors that you must take into account. Let us discuss those factors in the following sections of the blog post.

Are the floors sealed?

You should know beforehand what type of finishing your flooring has before cleaning any hardwood floor. If the floor is sealed with polyurethane-finish then how will you determine that? Watch whether a drop of water sits on the floor. It is already sealed if it does. So you can use any water based solution to clean it. Alternatively it is also possible to clean that floor with steam cleaners.

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On the other hand suppose your floor absorbs drop of water quickly. What does that indicate? It says either the sealant was never applied to the floor or the sealant worn away. If your wood floor is not sealed in that case you have to use minimal water to clean it. Then you use a damp but properly wrung microfiber cloth and then dry the area immediately using a dry microfiber cloth.

Get a quality vacuum home

You need to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to make the task of cleaning your hardwood floor easier. Different varieties of vacuum are meant for different circumstances explain trained and skilled experts experienced in providing wooden floor cleaning services in London over the years. For example if your home has extensive proportion of wood floor in that case you can get a cordless vacuum cleaner that is meant for hardwood floor home. If you have pets at home then you can bring home a vacuum that is equally good for both pet hair and hardwood floors. On the other hand a robot vacuum cleaner can clean both hard surfaces and your prized carpets. Certain varieties of robot vacuum cleaner can also perform mopping.

Things that you need to clean your hardwood floor

If you want to clean with vinegar then you need the following items – a large bucket, wet microfiber mop, a broom or a vacuum cleaner (vacuum should not have the beater bat), a microfiber dust mop and distilled white vinegar (it is also known as cleaning vinegar).

In order to clean cracks the items that you need include the following – a bucket (preferably a small one) or a bowl, a toothbrush with soft bristles, distilled white vinegar, a handheld vacuum cleaner and a microfiber cloth. It is important to note that alternatively you can also a standard vacuum instead of handheld one. In that case make sure to use the crevice tool.

When you have to clean paint from your floor surface then you need the following items – any dishwashing liquid, a tiny bowl, lemon juice, a putty knife or old credit card, rubbing alcohol (also called isopropyl alcohol), any citrus based paint remover (although this one is optional), a tooth brush with soft bristles, a heat gun or a blow dryer, a scrub brush that is non abrasive and soft clean cloths.

Cleaning a wood floor at regular intervals

One of the best things of properly cleaning a wood floor at regular intervals is it extends the life to of the floor. Thus your wood floor stays healthy and you can easily avoid repair and maintenance expenses in the following years. It is relevant mentioning that repair and maintenance of the range of floors are quite expensive by any standard. Your effort also keeps the floor aesthetically appealing. Skilled and experienced professionals working in Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd point out that wood has the tendency to dry out and turn little brittle in course of time. When you keep cleaning and polishing your wood floor at short and routine intervals it reduces the signs of ageing and wearing. Thus your floor keeps looking shiny and beautiful across the years.



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