Factors Determining Gold Rate in Mumbai

Gold Rate

Gold is known as one of the most valued metals people love to purchase in India. Every noteworthy occasion and festival involves the use of this metal. Indian temples are renowned for their modern and historic gold idols, which are protected from any type of theft or burglary. Most Indians view gold as an investment that can be utilised during financial crises. 

Although gold has always been exchanged, there is currently a predetermined price per gram. It is critical to understand how India’s gold price per gram is set. Here, we examine how the cost of gold price per gram in India is nominated and how it is determined. 

Factors affecting Gold Price Per Gram in India

Here are the following factors that affect the gold price per gram in India:

Inflation: Due to its nearly constant nature compared to currency, gold has excellent value and is used to protect against inflation. For the given reason, investors prefer to hold gold over money. Therefore, the demand for gold rises during periods of high inflation and it decreases during periods of low inflation. Then, due to intense consumer demand, gold prices will soar. This is valid for both domestic and global inflation, including in India.

Jewellery Market: Gold is seen as a strategic asset assimilating into Indian culture by Indian households. Gold has a unique position in Indian families because it is purchased during wedding ceremonies and it is also used in accessorising jewellery during significant festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc. Therefore, due to the increased consumer demand, gold jewellery rates differ from time to time. 

Gold Reserves: The nation’s Central Banks maintain reserves of both gold and money. The price of gold per gram rises because Central Banks of significant countries begin to accumulate gold reserves and buy more gold. This is due to the market’s increased cash flow and declining gold buyers & supply. The Reserve Bank of India and the US Federal Reserve are excellent examples of this.

Monsoon Rain: Rural India consumes up to 60% of India’s yearly gold consumption. When it is calculated, it is approx. between 800 – 850 tonnes. As a result, the monsoon has a significant impact on gold consumption since farmers will purchase gold with their earnings if the crop is successful. In contrast, farmers often sell gold to raise money if there is insufficient rain in a particular season. 

An example of Mumbai can be taken to explain this concept;

How is the Gold Rate in Mumbai Determined?

A variety of variables impact present-day gold prices in Mumbai. Leaving that aside, let’s examine local price-influencing factors. Global variables are the single most crucial aspect. Locally, in Mumbai, the following factors determine gold prices: Price-fixing by the Indian Bullion Jewellers Association: 

The Indian Bullion Jewellers Association bases its price fixing on the following factors: 

1) Some of the city’s top dealers have set prices. 

2) The country’s imports are subject to a local import charge.

3) Some dealers base their price determination on a methodology used in the MCX’s futures market. Gold futures are traded on the MCX, which is the biggest commodity market in the nation. This is how the price of gold fluctuates and how it is set in Mumbai. It is crucial to research gold prices before purchasing any gold in India. This would guarantee you have reasonable prices for importing gold into India. 

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Gold price Mumbai today

If one wants to check the gold price of a particular state, then simply type gold price Mumbai today and get the price details. After comparing the details, one can see the trend in the price of gold and then plan accordingly to purchase it. 

Gram 22 K Gold


22K Gold


Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹4,775 ₹4,775 ₹0
8 gram ₹41,496 ₹41,496 ₹0
10 gram ₹47,550 ₹47,550 ₹0
100 gram ₹4,75,500 ₹4,75,500 ₹0

Mumbai’s gold price has fluctuated throughout the years, but despite this, there has been a steady increase in the demand for gold in this Indian economic hub. As a long-term asset, gold is always attractive to investors in Mumbai. So, if you want to invest your money and also do not want to take any risks, you can choose to invest your money in gold.



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