Find out how to view Stories on Instagram anonymously


Find out how to view Stories on Instagram anonymously.

How to view Stories on Instagram ?Instagram Stories are a fun and interactive way to share everyday moments with your followers. However, you may often want to view someone’s Stories anonymously without the person knowing that you have seen here

In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to view Stories on Instagram anonymously.

Why you may want to see Stories anonymously

You can view Stories on Instagram for several reasons without the person knowing you have seen them. Some common scenarios include:

  • Curiosity about someone’s life without the person knowing
  • Monitor the activity of ex-partners or ex-friends
  • Avoid unwanted notifications from other users
  • Investigate a possible influencer before following the profile
  • Avoid the pressure to reciprocate Stories’ views

How to view Stories on Instagram without leaving a trace

Now that we understand the motivation behind wanting to view Stories anonymously let’s explore some ways to achieve this:

1. Airplane mode or turn off the internet connection

A simple way to view Stories on Instagram anonymously is to turn off your internet connection or activate aeroplane mode. This way, you can open the application, view the Stories and close it before reconnecting. However, remember that this will prevent you from seeing the latest content.

2. Use an anonymous browser

Another option is using an anonymous mobile device or computer browser. Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge have this option. Open the incognito browser, go to Instagram and see the Stories without leaving a trace.

Valuable tools to view Stories anonymously

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are some tools and applications that can help you view Stories on Instagram anonymously:

1. InstaStories

InstaStories is a free online tool that allows you to view Instagram Stories without logging in to your account. You need to provide the username of the person you want to view the Stories, and InstaStories will show all recent posts.

2. StorySaver

StorySaver is an application available for download on Android devices that allows you to download the Instagram Stories of other users. This way, you can view them offline without leaving a trace. Search for “StorySaver” in the Play Store and install it on your Android device.

The necessary care when viewing Stories anonymously

It is important to note that viewing Stories on Instagram anonymously may violate the platform’s terms of use or be considered an invasion of privacy. Therefore, it is essential always to respect other people’s privacy and use these options responsibly.

Also, remember that the tools mentioned may have limitations or need to be fixed in some cases. Always be aware of the risks and use your discretion when viewing Stories anonymously.

Additional tips to improve your Instagram experience

In addition to viewing Stories anonymously, here are some additional tips to improve your overall Instagram experience:

  • Use filters and edits to make your photos more attractive
  • Interact with other users through likes and comments
  • Share relevant and engaging content to attract followers
  • Try different hashtag strategies to increase the visibility of your posts
  • Consider creating a business account to access additional analysis and promotion features
  • Common and frequently asked questions about viewing Stories anonymously

Here are some frequently asked questions about viewing Stories on Instagram anonymously:

1. Is it legal to view Stories on Instagram anonymously?

Viewing Stories anonymously is not illegal but may violate the platform’s terms of use. Always respect privacy and use these options responsibly.

2. How do I watch Stories on Instagram without leaving a trace?

You can turn off your internet connection, use an anonymous browser or use tools such as InstaStories or StorySaver.

3. Are the tools for viewing Stories anonymously safe?

The tools mentioned in the article are designed to work correctly but may have limitations or only work in some cases. Use with caution and be aware of the risks involved.

Viewing Stories on Instagram anonymously can be helpful in many situations. However, always respecting other people’s privacy and using these options responsibly is essential.

Turning off the internet connection, using an anonymous browser or using specific tools are some ways to see Stories without leaving a trace. Remember that the tools mentioned may have limitations, and using your discretion when viewing Stories anonymously is essential.

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When you view someone’s Instagram Story, the account owner can see who viewed it. Instagram does not provide a built-in feature to hide your identity while viewing Stories.

However, some third-party apps or browser extensions might claim to allow you to view Stories anonymously. Still, they often come with risks like violating Instagram’s terms of service, compromising your account security, or collecting your personal information.

If you want to view someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing, consider using a secondary or anonymous Instagram account. Please keep in mind that using any third-party apps or services not officially endorsed by Instagram carries inherent risks, and there’s a possibility that your account could be banned or restricted for violating their policies.

As the social media landscape and platform policies can change over time, check Instagram’s official documentation or the latest information regarding viewing Stories anonymously to ensure you have the most up-to-date guidance.

How To Earn Money From Instagram Story


  1. Branded Content and Influencer Marketing: Brands often collaborate with influencers to promote their products or services. You can post sponsored content in your Stories, endorsing or reviewing products relevant to your niche. Make sure to comply with Instagram’s guidelines for disclosing sponsored content.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Join affiliate programs and promote products through affiliate links in your Stories. You earn a commission for every sale made through your unique affiliate link.
  3. Instagram Shopping: If you have a business or creator account with a certain number of followers, you can use Instagram Shopping to tag products in your Stories. This allows your audience to directly purchase the products you feature.
  4. Sell Digital Products: If you have expertise in a particular field, you can create and sell digital products like e-books, courses, presets, or templates. Use your Stories to promote and showcase these products.
  5. Donations: If you provide valuable content or support a cause, your followers might be willing to donate to you. Instagram offers a “Supporter” feature that allows eligible accounts to receive badge payments during live streams and access to other monetization tools.
  6. Promote Your Services: If you offer services like consulting, coaching, or graphic design, use your Stories to showcase your skills and attract potential clients.
  7. Collaborate with Brands and Businesses: Aside from sponsored posts, you can collaborate with brands and businesses in various ways. For example, you can take over a brand’s Instagram account for a day or participate in joint campaigns.
  8. Instagram Stories Ads: If you have a business account, you can run ads in the form of Instagram Stories to reach a wider audience and promote your products or services.


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