Flowering Plants That Add Beauty to Your Home

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Plants add a natural touch to your home, making it lovely and lively! If you love to grow plants and want to start an indoor garden, we have some good news. We have a collection of flowering plans to make your house feel fresh and lively! To buy flower plants online, head over to Urvann to find the best collection of flowering plants at the best prices.


The Bougainvillea plant announces the arrival of the spring season in India. Vibrant, papery bracts of blooms in hues of magenta, red, orange, and white can be seen everywhere, transforming home gardens with splashes of colour. Add dense, green foliage to the backdrop, and you have the perfect summer flowering plant for your garden to bring a riot of colours to your living areas. The plant is a hardy climber and quickly climbs up walls and windows to give a stunning visual.


The Periwinkle plant, or the ‘Sadabahar’, is the perfect flowering plant for your garden. It got its name from its resilient nature and the ability to survive in various temperatures, from the summer to the chilly days of winter. The Periwinkle blooms with flowers in many shades, such as pink, purple, white, and glossy green leaves. The flowers have petals each and look gorgeous in a low-base planter. The plant is commonly found in most Indian households. 


If you wish to have a pretty flowering plant in your garden, the Ixora is your choice. It has tiny clusters of star-shaped flowers blooming amongst bright green foliage. The flowers of the Ixora come in hues such as red, orange, pink, and yellow. The Ixora is a low-maintenance plant that can also be grown by beginner gardeners. It loves to be kept in full sunlight and thrives happily. 


The Mogra, commonly known as the Jasmine flowering plant, is a stunner. With its white, star-shaped blooms and delicate fragrance wafting through the garden in the summer breeze, all love the plant. The Mogra blooms all through the summer months from March to late October and is used as an ornamental plant by many gardeners. It is easy to grow as it is ideally suited to the Indian climate, and even beginner gardeners can grow it quickly. Among the best flower plants for the home in summer, this flowering plant deserves to be on the list. 


The Aparajita flowering plant, also known as the ‘Butterfly Pea,’ is a climbing vine that can be used to cover front porches or windows. It is a delicate plant with twisting vines that have blue-coloured flowers and are frequently visited by bees and butterflies. The Aparajita is a fast-growing vine, and experienced gardeners often use it to create stunning floral displays by using the living vine. 


The Gomphrena of the Globe Amarnath is a spectacular flowering plant that is just being discovered as a favourite in Indian home gardens. The flowering plant is cherished for its globe-like blooms, which are found in many shades, such as pink, purple, red, and white. The little globe of flowers is actually tiny flowerets that make the round structure of the flower. It is a rare plant and will definitely become a conversation starter in your garden. The Gomphrena is widely used in floral arrangements that can be kept on your windowsill or as a table centrepiece. 


Lantana is a stunning flowering plant known for its vibrant clusters of small, multicoloured blooms ranging from yellow and orange to pink and purple. Its lush, evergreen foliage and long blooming period make it perfect for home gardens. The plant is drought-tolerant and can survive a few days of neglect. It attracts many beneficial bees and butterflies, enhancing the natural biodiversity of your home gardens. 


We hope the list of flowering plants will help you make your garden come alive with colours and charming fragrances that soothe the body and the mind. If you wish to buy these flowering plants online or wish to browse through more, then visit Urvann and discover a whole range of plants at the most pocket-friendly prices and good health.

Happy Gardening!



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