Free Way to Make Your Money: Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund

Free Way to Make Your Money: Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund


In the financial capacity, investments in Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund has created a sense of security. In recent times, this fund scheme has delivered exceptional returns. It has become a trusted choice among investors to put their hard-earned money in.

In the past, only big investors and hedge funds could use quantitative investing, which relies on complex math and data analysis. But now, regular people can get in on the action too, thanks to Quant Large and Mid-Cap Funds. These funds use advanced computer programs and smart strategies to look at financial info and find hidden opportunities in the Mutual Fund industry.

So, what makes Quant Large and Mid-Cap Funds different from regular mutual funds? Well, they mix the science of number crunching with the flexibility of investing in big and medium-sized companies. This combo has the potential to get the best of both worlds. The stability of big companies and the growth potential of smaller ones. It gives a balanced portfolio through efficient management of risk to maximise returns.

In this article, we will discover the meaning of this category and the benefits that it offers to its investors. It will also give insights about the important role played by the fund manager and delivering consistent returns. Let’s start our analysis of this scheme.

Why is it Called Large and Mid Cap Category?

The term “Large and Mid-cap” refers to the size of the companies the mutual fund invests in. “Large Cap” refers to corporations having a high market capitalization, which generally ranges from several billion to hundreds of billions of dollars. These firms are well-established, with consistent profitability and a significant market presence. “Mid Cap” refers to companies with a market capitalization that falls somewhere between tiny and big. These firms tend to have more growth potential than large caps, although they may carry a little larger risk.

So, when a mutual fund has the title “Large and Mid-Cap,” it means it invests in firms from both the large and mid-cap categories. This allows the fund to obtain exposure to a larger range of firms, gathering the stability of large caps while also benefiting from the growth potential of mid-cap.

Understanding the Fund’s Investment Objective

Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund implements strong tactics that have given exceptional results in its performance. It ensures a smooth and disciplined journey of this scheme. Let’s learn their investment goals and styles with a little more detail:

Providing Current Income and Long-Term Growth

We strive to provide investors with a combination of monthly income and the possibility of long-term capital development.

Building the Portfolio

The fund’s primary investment will be in equities and associated assets chosen by the value-oriented investing philosophy.

Focusing on Undervalued Stocks

Our investment method focuses on discovering cheap stocks compared to their true value. This entails searching out firms whose stock prices do not accurately represent their underlying worth.

Emphasizing Competitive Advantages

They focus on discovering firms with substantial and long-term competitive advantages. These are enterprises that have distinguishing characteristics that provide them a competitive advantage while also maintaining long-term success.

Targeting Quality Businesses

We focus on investing in firms with strong foundations and viable business concepts. These organizations should have skilled management teams and work in sectors with strong development potential.

Seeking Consistent Dividend Payers

As part of our approach, we look for firms that have a track record of paying dividends to shareholders. This guarantees that investors obtain a consistent income stream while also potentially benefiting from capital appreciation.

Active Management

The fund manager actively chooses and maintains the portfolio, monitoring and revising investments frequently to reflect changing market circumstances and new opportunities.

Managing risks

While looking for discounted investment prospects, they carefully assess the volatility attached to each investment. The goal is to achieve a balance between possible profits and risk exposure to protect investor’s capital.

 Adopting a Long-Term Approach

Investors are advised to keep a long-term view because their approach aims for optimal outcomes over time. This means being patient and staying invested even during times of market instability.

Promoting Transparent Communication

The fund management engages with investors frequently, providing updates on the fund’s performance, strategic changes, and any other relevant information. This helps investors understand how their funds are managed and build trust in the investment process.

What are the key benefits of Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund?

Data-Driven Approach

These funds use sophisticated algorithms and quantitative models to evaluate massive volumes of financial data. This data-driven method assists in identifying investment opportunities and maximizing portfolio performance.

Robust management

A standing AUM (Asset Under Management) of Rs.1884.01 Cr (as of 29.02.24) reflects with ability to manage a big volume of investors.


Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund is transparent about its investment approach and portfolio holdings. This openness allows investors to better understand how the fund is managed and the reasoning behind investment decisions.


Quantitative methods may rapidly adapt to changing market circumstances and combine fresh information. This flexibility allows the fund to change its portfolio posture in response to market movements and new possibilities.

Identify the Role of Fund Manager

Mr. Ankit Pande (Equity Fund Manager)

Mr Ankit Pande is the head of equity and has over 10 years of experience in Indian stocks. He is recognized as one of the top money managers in the mutual fund sector. His career began at Infosys, where he built banking software. Ankit was recognized in 2014 when he earned the Thomson Reuters StarMine Analysts award for being the best “Industry Stock Picker” in the Information Technology sector during his time as a technology analyst. The following are the fund schemes managed by him are as follows:

Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund

  1. Quant Flexi Cap Fund
  2. Quant Large Cap Fund
  3. Quant Small Cap Fund

Who should invest in Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund?

Investors seeking diversification

Portfolios are spread across large and mid-cap companies while benefiting from a systematic and data-driven approach to investing.

Long-Term Investors

Those with a lengthy investing horizon who are willing to accept potentially higher volatility in exchange for larger returns over time.

Risk-Aware Investors

Those who emphasize risk management value the use of quantitative models to reduce downside risk and protect money during market downturns.

Tech-Savvy Investors

Investors with technology-driven investing methods can invest in this scheme. It helps in the use of sophisticated algorithms and data analysis in investment decisions.


In a nutshell, Quant Large and Mid-Cap Funds provide investors with an attractive chance to profit from a combination of stability and growth potential in their investment portfolios. These funds take a methodical approach to investing in big and mid-sized firms, emphasizing data-driven strategies, strong management, and transparency. Investors looking for diversity, long-term growth, effective risk management, and tech-savvy investing solutions may find Quant Large and Mid-Cap Funds to be a good fit, especially when considering a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Investors could survive the volatile market landscape and perhaps meet their financial objectives with the help of skilled fund managers such as Mr Ankit Pande.



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