Top 5 Reasons Why Goa is an Amazing Holiday Destination in India

Goa an amazing destination

Goa is one of the most popular states in India because of its vibrant beaches and never-ending parties. It is a place that has lots of things to offer its guests.Here, you can partake in various water sports, shop in flea markets, and more. It is a perfect place where you can rejuvenate your soul and get a thrilling experience. When we talk about the approximate data, more than 38 lakh people visit this place every. If you are also bored with your daily life schedule, there is no better place than this. You can make plans to escape your daily schedule and spend an exciting vacation. If you are excited to know more about this place, you are at the perfect blog. Here, we will explore some of the best reasons that make Goa a fantastic holiday destination in India.

Reasons to visit Goa during your upcoming holidays

Never-ending parties

It is one of the best reasons to visit Goa, mainly for youngsters or party animals. We all know that Goa is the party capital of India, and everyone can enjoy various parties, whether it is a rave party, beachside party, in-house party, or more. If you love to do parties while having some booze, then Goa is the best place for you. Here, guests can partake in various parties and take a chill pill. No matter if you like open-air or club parties, you can find everything here, even though guests can enjoy parties in North Goa resorts. There are various beachfront hotels in Goa that also arrange live music shows, DJs, and cocktail parties in their house bars and restaurants. Besides these, you can visit several clubs, casinos, beaches and resorts to rejuvenate your soul and enjoy the parties.

Shopping Delight

Most want to buy something from that place if we are on a trip. Many flea markets are held in Goa, where guests can shop for many things. Visitors can purchase footwear, dry fruits, Goan roasted kaju, paintings, clothes, and more. The best thing about these markets is that you can use your bargaining skills here. It is a perfect place to get the stuff at an affordable price.You can also taste the local Goan food in these flea markets and enjoy live music and road shows. On the way to this beach state of India, always shop in flea markets. You can also roam in these markets and get a chance to see the beauty of Goa, which can add charm to your trip.

Thrilling Water Sports

When we hear the name Goa, the second thing that comes to our mind is exciting water sports. Beaches are still first. Goa is a place where guests can partake in various water activities. It includes river rafting, banana boat rides, scuba diving, parasailing, bumper rides, and many more. Participating in these activities allows you to feel the thrill and may get goosebumps. Rather than this, if you want to have cuisine in the middle of the beach, you can visit the cruise. In this type of boat, you can experience the best candlelight and romantic dinner with your loved ones and enjoy DJ nights. Guests can also book their stay at a beachside resort in Goa because numerous resorts in Goa arrange candlelight dinners near the beach in Goa. It will help you spend quality time with your partner and collect romantic memories.


These are the main reasons to explore Goa because there are more than 35 beaches. The good thing about all these is that every beach gives a different experience. No matter if you are looking for an energetic exploration or want to spend your vacation in silence. You will find everything in Goa. Also, if you’re going to experience the sea from the middle, you can partake in scuba diving and explore the beach closely. It is an icing on the cake and makes your Goa trip more memorable. Besides this, there are many beachfront resorts in Goa from where you can easily access the beach and attend beachside parties. If you are on a trip to Goa, always try to stay at any resort near the beach because it will help you to spend more time on the beaches and make your trip noteworthy.

Goa festivals or carnivals

Guests can visit many celebrations in Goa throughout the year, and festivals are mainly in winter. When we shed light on the Goa carnival, you can taste the local food in nearby eateries, enjoy music shows, shop for different things, and much more. On the other hand, Christmas and New Year are the famous festivals of Goa. At this time, the whole state is deep into the lighting and party mood. If you are in Goa now, you can experience its natural beauty and see the roads and churches decorated with Christmas trees. Rather than this, you can explore various churches in Goa on Christmas. When we talk about New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy multiple parties and see the beautiful, mind-blowing firecracker show near the many beaches. It will rejuvenate your soul and fill you with positive vibes.


By going through this blog, readers will learn why Goa is one of the fantastic holiday destinations in India. If you seek the reasons to visit Goa, then the reasons above are sufficient, but you can find many more options to explore Goa. If you will explore this beautiful beach state, we suggest you stay at Prive By White Flower. It is a luxurious resort in North Goa near Vagator Beach. If you book your stay in this couple-friendly resort in North Goa, you will get all the luxury amenities, including a pool, in a room.

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