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His house is a great new take on the spooky theme of haunted houses. Remy Vieux’s feature film debut is a surprise, and he’s done a great job with a strong grasp of the film’s style and complex themes. Africa is often glamorized by Hollywood, focusing on royal or artistic parts of traditional cultures or the wild adventure experience. Even though some of these things are important to Africa, the exciting, colorful, and party-loving nature of the continent hides a lot of darker themes. The documentary filmmaker now knows all of Africa’s deadliest secrets, which is why his home is so refreshing: It dares to confront some of the continent’s most painful problems head-on. Continue reading His House Movie Review to learn more about the film.
Script Analysis
The story was written by Felicity Evans and Toby Venables. Remy Weeks wrote the script. From the first scene, you can feel how tense the gnula movie is. As it goes on, the creepy feeling in the house makes the stress rise. Boll loves the new things and life he is getting in England. When he’s out, he tries to fit in with the crowd and forget about the past. But Rial sees things as they are. Rial is picked on because she doesn’t “belong” there. Unlike her husband, though, she doesn’t lie about what’s going on at home. Everyone deals with tragedy in their own way. Bol was in denial, and his wife took the pain and loss inside of herself. This is another piece of writing that is very well done.

Remy is showing us not only how hard it is for the couple to live in the evil house, but also how hard it is for the people who live there. Deadly ghosts take each of them back to their worst memory and try to get them to fix everything. They live there, and just like us, they don’t know if it’s real or not. The way these scenes are put together is great, and they are some of the best writing of the year.
Star Performance
Soap Dirisu’s acting is amazing. As for the lyrics, he had to show many different emotions. He’s scared of everything, but he can’t afford to lose his new life and home. Just when you think he’s going to be self-centered, he shows you that you’re wrong. The soap did a great job of playing a character with many different facets.
Riyal has completely captured Wunmi Mosaku. Even when she doesn’t speak, we can still feel the tension and loss around her. Matt Smith doesn’t do much on TV. He does nothing more than offer the couple a house to stay in and then investigate it. I wanted him to see something scary in the house too.
Final Words
The best horror movies, in my opinion, have a human heart and focus on characters and relationships that are based on the real dangers people face every day. This is exactly the type of story that the horror genre does best. It brings genuine human emotion and fear to a level of overload, making for a unique and visceral experience.

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