How Long Does It Take to Activate a Credit Card?

How Long Does It Take to Activate a Credit Card?

Credit card activation is the last step before you can use your card to make purchases and enjoy its many benefits. When you apply for a credit card, whether online or offline, you need to wait a few weeks for the issuer to process your application. 

Once approved, you can get the credit card delivered to your doorstep, and then all you need to do is activate the card. Thankfully, the credit card activation process is very straightforward and doesn’t take as long. Here is an easy guide on what you need to do.


Reasons to Instantly Activate Your Credit Card

It is necessary to activate your card for security purposes. When you do it, it signifies to the issuer that it has been delivered and reached the right recipient. The credit card company can also close your account if it stays inactive for more than one year.


The closure of your account can hurt your credit score as your history gets shorter. For this reason, you should activate your card as soon as possible, ideally within 30 days of receiving it. Moreover, even if you don’t activate it, you still pay the annual fees and other charges. 

Many issuers also offer exclusive credit card offers that you can get upon activating the card. These are time-sensitive and expire if you don’t meet the milestone within the specified period. For instance, you can get a gift voucher worth ₹1,000 upon spending ₹10,000 within 30 days of card generation. 


How to Activate a Credit Card Online

The online credit card activation process is very simple and takes just a few minutes. You can easily do it from the comfort of your home. Here are the steps you can follow.  

Via Internet Banking

  • Visit the net banking portal 
  • Log in to your account using your credentials
  • Go to the ‘Credit Card’ section
  • Select the ‘Card Activation’
  • Enter your card number, the expiry date, and date of birth
  • Click on ‘Submit’
  • Enter your preferred ATM PIN and submit it 
  • Wait for OTP on your registered contact number
  • Enter the OTP

After you submit it, you will get a confirmation text on your phone and email. Note that these are general steps and may vary according to the issuer. 

Through Mobile App

  • Download the issuer’s mobile application
  • Launch the app and register 
  • Log in to the app 
  • Select the ‘Credit card’ option
  • Enter the card number, expiry date and date of birth and submit the details 
  • Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number  
  • Confirm the details and submit them 

These are general steps and may vary depending on the issuer’s app interface. 


How to Activate Credit Cards Offline

You can also use offline methods, such as calling customer care or using the SMS banking facility. These are also simple and can be completed instantly. Here is what you can do.

Customer Care

You can find your issuer’s customer care number on their official website or on the packet received with your card. After dialling the number, follow the instructions given by the customer executive. To confirm your identity quickly and save time, keep all your credit card and identity documents ready. 

Through SMS banking

Another swift option to activate your credit card is using the issuer’s activation number. To initiate the process, you need to send a text in a designated format. 

Afterwards, you will get a text from the issuer prompting you to send some details. You will get confirmation after sending the details and setting the PIN in just a few minutes. You can find the activation number on your issuer’s website. 

Both the processes mentioned above for credit card activation are general, and the actual process may vary depending on the issuer.

To avoid errors, look at the welcome packet you receive with your card. Most issuers offer this kit, and it contains instructions on how to activate the credit card and keep it secure.

With all the information, you can easily activate your card. Once done, you can unlock many lucrative credit card offers, discounts, cashback, and reward points. However, choosing the right credit card is the initial step to enjoying the maximum benefits. 

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