How to Choose Work Order Management Software for Repair Shop

Work order repair management

At a repair shop, the owner has to keep an eye on several procedures and ongoing operations. From inventory to employees to repair jobs tracking, there are a number of things. If entrepreneurs rely on manual methods such as using registers, there will always remain a high chance of errors. Along with that, it can cost a lot of time and be challenging.

So, one must use an automation tool as it can help them manage every process. But how to choose one? Don’t worry. Below, we will let you know how to choose work order management software for your repair shop. Along with that, you will learn how it assists you in managing the operations.


Repair Jobs Tracking

At a repair lab, tracking the status of repair jobs is one of the difficult tasks. However, it is important too. There are customers who constantly ask for the repair status of their devices. For instance, they keep messaging technicians and repair store owners and ask if their gadgets have been repaired. Or when they should revisit to pick up their electronic items.

But, if you use repair order software at your lab, you can save yourself from a lot of hassle. Whenever a customer walks into the shop, you can create a ticket against their PC, cell phone, or watch. You can then assign the ticket to any of your available technicians.

Then, whenever someone wants to know the repair status of their device, you can track the ticket and tell them. Additionally, it can notify customers when they need to pick up the gadget. Thus, the next time you decide to equip your shop with a system, ensure it can track repair jobs.


Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a challenging task. If you rely on manual methods, it can be risky. There always remains a high chance of human error. 

So, whatever work order software you pick, ensure it can streamline inventory at your shop. The system should be able to notify repair shop owners whenever a specific product is getting low in stock. Also, one must be able to contact their desired vendors.

This way, you can streamline repairs with work order management software. Also, it will never let you run out of stock, so you can serve your clients in the best way.

Monitor and Performance Tracking

The next feature that your work order management software should have is the performance tracking. Being a business owner, you are already involved in so many things. In the same way, if you have more than a single store, you cannot be present everywhere all the time. Thus, you need a business partner who can assist you with every aspect of your repair process.

Pick the software that can track your business’s entire performance. This includes tracking repair jobs, daily sales, and tax calculations. But above all, it must track the output and performance of your employees, staff members, and technicians.

The reason is that employees can doge you very well. They can exploit time, steal cash from your shop, make connections with your rivals, etc.  On average, businesses in the US lost over $50 billion to employee theft. So, you must take care that none of your employees can commit any fraud.  

An efficient work order system can surely help you in this regard. It will let you know the check-in and check-out times of your technicians and daily revenue and give you business reports. So you can make better decisions and give commissions to your employees (if any).

Marketing Widget

You cannot deny the importance of marketing for your business. Of course, without promotions and advertisements, you will not be able to scale your repair shop. And wouldn’t it be great if your software for repair shops could help you market your repair services?

This can be the best feature to look for in your work order software. With a top-notch system, you can design and send emails and SMS campaigns to your target audience. You can let them know what repair services and accessories you offer at the lab.

This way, you can enhance your store’s footfall and online queries. Along with that, you should opt for the best effective marketing modes. This includes using SEO, paid ads, social media marketing, flexes, banners, etc. It will help you reach more people and boost sales.

Online Appointments 

These days, people have a very limited time. It’s kind of difficult for them to take out time and visit a repair shop to get their devices fixed. Some of them look for shops where the can visit after booking an appointment.

So, the work order system you are planning to equip your shop, should have an nine appointment scheduling feature. This system allows your customers to book online appointments through your website. Additionally, you can have a conversation with your customers, get quotes, and get back to their concerns. This way, you can get more business than ever before.

Employee Management

Managing employees at your repair shop is vital. Why? Because they are the ones who are gonna make your business successful. Along with that, if you keep tracking their regular performance and output, you can look for any room for the improvement.

So, the software you are picking should allow you to track the regular performance of your employees, and technicians. In addition, you will be able to process their payrolls, calculate their sales commissions, and increments if there are any.

This way, you would know where they are lacking. Or which one of your employees is putting their best efforts and deserves a salary appraisal.

Final Words

Stepping into the repair industry is not the best fit for everyone. To be successful in this business, one should have passion, the right knowledge, and expertise. In addition, one must use an effective, modern-day automation tool to help streamline the ongoing processes. So, while picking a work order system at your shop, ensure it has all the features mentioned above. Only then will you be able to track everything from anywhere and manage multiple stores without much hassle.



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