Tips on how to cure motion sickness permanently

how to cure motion sickness permanently

Motion sickness occurs in a large number of people these days. For different people, the associated triggers of motion sickness might be different. Large number of people suffer from motion sickness symptoms when traveling. For some, the intensity of the symptoms might be small. Others might get terribly severe motion sickness.

This condition can put a person in very uncomfortable situations when they are going somewhere. So, they look for the answer to the question – How to cure motion sickness permanently. There are certain tips which you can put to use for stopping motion sickness symptoms. Note that the tips can show different efficacy in different motion sickness patients.

So, the tip that works finely in your friend’s case may not help you much. This actually depends a lot on the trigger factor of motion sickness. So, if you desire to find out some of these useful tips, then please keep reading.

Learn how to cure motion sickness permanently

If the idea of traveling somewhere makes you extremely anxious, then motion sickness must be the culprit. You will be happy to learn that there are some ways which can make you put a control on this condition. So, if your motion sickness symptoms are crossing all the limits, then apply some of the listed tips.     .

  • Aromatherapy
  • Changing positions
  • Pressure Points
  • Antihistamines

Let’s gather some ideas about each of these motion sickness controlling tips.


The people who are fed up with the motion sickness symptoms can think about using aromatherapy. This technique will take the help of certain strong scents to combat the feeling of motion sickness. Different essential oils’ smell can be employed for treating motion sickness. Peppermint oil is very famous in this area. Sometimes, the patients that are going through the postoperative phase can feel some degree of nausea. This nausea can be instantly controlled if they inhale the scent of peppermint oil.

You can use the essential oils in a variety of ways for stopping the motion sickness synonyms. The most common way is to inhale the scent of the oil. This method is a very safe one and the interaction risk is minimal. People who don’t want to follow the diffusion tip can open the oil bottle and take a quick sniff of the essential oil. This will give some relief from motion sickness symptoms quickly. If you want, you can also employ an essential oil necklace when you are traveling somewhere in any vehicle. It will lower the chances of showing the symptoms of motion sickness.

The people who are well educated in the field of aromatherapy advise that you diffuse the essential oils for a short time period. Diffusion for one hour or less than that will be very ideal. Keeping this time span intact will lower the chances of any unwanted interactions or risks. Sometimes, smelling the scent of the oils for a long time can aggravate the motion sickness symptoms. 

Changing positions

We will see how to cure motion sickness permanently by changing positions when traveling. Whenever you are traveling in any vehicle, you should keep a few things in mind to lower the probability of developing motion sickness. These points can also give you immense assurance from the already existing motion sickness symptoms.

  • Sometimes, you can curb the motion sickness signs by initiating some sorts of movements. If you are sitting down, then you can try standing up for some duration. You can also make yourself a lot more comfortable by lying down. But, these movements will depend a lot on your mode of transportation. So, you need to work a bit and understand the position which is giving you the most comfort.
  • People who have a high probability of experiencing motion sickness must always face the direction that they are traveling. Sitting in the opposite direction in vehicles will worsen their motion sickness symptoms. When traveling in a car, you can opt for the seats that are present in the front portion. Front seats are very comfortable for motion sickness patients.
  • Motion sickness will be triggered to a bad intensity if you read books or use your phone during the travel times. Engaging in such tasks will make you feel really sick for the entire duration. So, keep these points in mind for eventually stopping the motion sickness symptoms permanently.

Pressure Points

Another tip on how to cure motion sickness permanently is application of pressure points. There is an effective acupressure point on our wrist which can aid in combating the motion sickness symptoms quickly. This pressure point is called Nei Guan point and you will be able to see it below your index finger. Let’s read how to do this acupressure practice.

  • You have to keep your right hand’s index finger, middle finger and ring finger on the inside portion of your left wrist. You have to look for the crease and begin under this region.
  • You have to give firm pressure on each wrists for a few seconds time after finding the Nei Guan point correctly. You can also do this practice till you experience some relief from the motion sickness symptoms. 


We will understand how to cure motion sickness permanently by taking some antihistamines. These drugs are actually used for managing allergy symptoms. But, they also show their efficacy in curbing the symptoms of motion sickness condition.

Dramamine, Antivert, Benadryl are all great for getting permanent relief from this issue. Taking these medicines can induce some degree of sleep. So, don’t use this tip if you are planning to drive.


We have learned some tips on how to cure motion sickness permanently. The tip that will work in your case will depend on the severity of your motion sickness symptoms and the respective triggers. So, try out a combination of 2 or 3 motion sickness curbing tips to get the best results. In the case of small children, the use of medicines must be carried out with great care. Consult the healthcare provider to find out the best medicine and its respective dose.  



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