How to protect a wooden dining table from damage?

Wooden furniture is known for its elegant and classy looks. We purchase wooden items to give our house a beautiful and rich appearance. One of them is a wooden dining table. 

The newly purchased wooden dining table gives a fresh, shiny, glossy finish that gradually fades and diminishes as time passes. The wooden furniture needs to be adequately cared for and maintained to prevent wear and tear. 

Therefore, it becomes essential and mandatory for an individual to take care of the wooden table at regular intervals because as soon as the lifespan of the wooden furniture diminishes, it is of no use. 

Various factors are responsible for damaging the quality of wooden furniture: temperature, humidity, climatic changes, water, sunlight, and scratches. The ignorance of these factors results in degrading our furniture, thus spoiling its condition. 

We can easily clean and maintain our dining table without taking the help or aid of any professional care or services. That can be protected by taking simple steps and precautions such as using a cloth on the table or curtains to protect our furniture from sunlight.

Suppose you are looking for preventive measures to keep your dining table thriving and maintained. In that case, you are definitely on the right page. Here we will first discuss the factors which harm our wooden table and then some preventive measures to keep it secured for a long span in detail.

Factors responsible for damaging our wooden dining table


It is the most critical factor that damages our wooden furniture, especially our dining table. We live in a well-ventilated house with various sources such as windows which act as a path for the entry of sunlight and dust particles, thus degrading the quality of our wooden table. The constant falling of sunlight on the dining table weakens the quality of the wood, thus diminishing the glossy appearance and giving a rough look to the table. 

The wooden dining table can be protected from sunlight by putting curtains on our windows which prevents the direct sunlight from damaging our wooden dining table by acting as a barrier to the sunlight. 


The metal things used by us in our homes which we keep on the table lead to the formation of scratches because of the rubbing of the metal on the wooden table. Ornaments we wear in our hands, such as the watches by men and women, the stone bracelets, and the rings worn by women, cannot be prevented as they are part of fashion and trend. All this results in scratches on the table, which cannot be removed.

 These scratches give a shabby look to the table. This can be prevented by keeping the metal ornaments and things such as pens and pencils in a separate place or keeping a dish on the table where these items can be appropriately maintained without damaging the shine of the table, thus keeping it in good condition.

Stains and water rings

As part of the regular routine, we used to drink water and keep wet glasses on the table, creating water rings on the table and white spots. If these spots are not rubbed simultaneously, it leads to the permanent formation of these dark white spots on the table, diminishing the shiny appearance of the table and giving it a dirty look. 

Therefore, to prevent the formation of these stains, water clothes should be used. The wet glasses or bottles should not be kept on the table or covered with the dining table cloth to prevent scratches and stains.

Doing this not only prevents the table from damaging factors but also gives a beautiful look to the table and the house.

Measures of protecting the wooden dining table: 

Prevent candle lighting on the table

We should not light the candle sticks on our wooden dining table, may it be the part of decoration or lightning our house when the electric power supply is cut off because the direct contact of wood with the heat weakens the timber used in the table and also leads to the dark white stains which are created by molten wax.

The candle should always be placed on the candle stands; this will help protect the dining table from heat and stains created by the candle lighting.

Regular cleaning and polishing of the wood 

Whenever we purchase wooden furniture for our house, it becomes our prime duty to take proper care of it. This can be done by regular cleaning using a wet cloth which removes all the dust and stains on the table’s surface. You can remove the scratches caused by placing metal items and dishes by polishing the wooden dining table, which maintains the shine and luster of the wood used in the formation of the table. 

Using glass 

Instead of making the entire upper surface of the dining table using wood, we can also use glass to protect it from stains and scratches, thus, giving it a longer lifespan. Using glass on the table can be expensive but completely worth it. The surface of the glass is quite strong and thick enough and has a property of never degrading in terms of quality which the wood does not carry that is the constant contact of wood with the water or rubbing of timber with the household items like kitchen dishes, stationery items, and the ornaments put scratches on the table. The water spilled on the surface of the wooden table slowly and gradually spoiled it, giving it an old and shabby appearance.

Thus, the glass surface can be an option for the dining table because it not only protects the table but also gives a royal look and appearance to our wooden dining table.

Using dry wood 

We can also ask our carpenter dubai to furnish our table using dry wood because dry wood is never affected by the water stains and water rings caused by wet glasses on the table. It even prevents extra scratches which damage our table.


If you wish to own a wooden dining table, it is essential to take proper care of it because it is a task where laziness cannot work. Apart from various precautions to maintain the dining table in good condition, nothing can work as well as cleaning it with our hands using a soft cloth.

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Glass can be an option and not a mandatory factor as everyone does not feel comfortable spending more money, or depends upon the likes and dislikes of the people for the table being furnished with wood or glass.

The preventive measures as mentioned above such as putting curtains on the windows, covering the surface of the table with the cloth or using a dry wood can act as a boon for the proper maintenance of the dining table.   



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