How to Sell Used Furniture: How to Make Money with What You Have at Home

Used Furniture Buyers

Are you tired of the old furniture in your home and want to get rid of your old furniture, perhaps scraping together a few thousand AEDs?

Selling used furniture and appliances is a perfect solution to earn extra money and make room for new furnishings.

But how do you sell used furniture? In this article, we will give you some tips on effectively selling used furniture.

How to sell used furniture

Although, especially today, there are many channels through which you can sell your used furniture and earn interesting amounts, in doing so, it is always advisable to follow a series of simple steps.

Determine the value of what you want to sell.

The first step in selling used furniture is to determine its value. You need to know how much your furniture is worth to set a fair and realistic price. Several online resources will help you estimate the value of your furniture, but you must also consider its state of conservation. The price must be lowered if the table has any damage or scratches.

  • Choose the sales channel.

Once you’ve determined the value of your furniture, you’ll need to decide where to sell it. Today, while less numerous than the channels to sell other used items, there are plenty of options. In fact, between online classifieds websites, flea markets used furniture shops, and sales groups on Facebook, you are spoiled for choice. Make sure you choose the sales channel best suited to your needs and your mobile.

  • Presentation of the furniture

The presentation of what we want to get rid of (and also the description we accompany it) is essential to attract the attention of buyers. Clean the furniture and take high-quality photos showing the details and particularities of what you want to sell. Write an accurate description of the table, including any damage or defects (it would make little sense to keep silent about them. Lies have short legs and, in the face of a sale, you would find yourself with a negative review). This way, buyers will be able to evaluate the furniture appropriately.

How to determine the value of a used piece of furniture

Estimating the value of used furniture can be a complex process, but there are several things you can do to get a realistic estimate of its market value. Here are some tips on how to estimate the value of used furniture:

  1.  Do your market research– Examining online retail websites to find similar products. Look at the average selling price of furniture of similar make and year and consider characteristics that can influence the value, such as the table’s condition, brand, and age.
  2.  Consider the state of the furniture– The value of a used piece of furnishings largely depends on its form. If the amount of furniture is in good condition, it may be worth more than a similar but damaged piece of furniture. Perform an honest assessment of the state of the table and evaluate its impact on its value.
  3.  Evaluate the furniture’s brand and quality–Some furniture brands and models: are considered more valuable than others. Furthermore, check the quality of the table by evaluating the sturdiness and the materials used in its creation. A product made of cherry or walnut will have a much higher price than a similar one made of white fir.
  4.  Consider the furniture’s age–It is another crucial factor in determining its value. Older furniture may have historical significance, but on the other hand, it may also be damaged or not work like new. Also, consider current market trends, as some furniture styles may be more popular.
  5.  Ask a Professional– If you are having trouble determining the value of your used furniture, ask a professional. A furniture expert or knowledgeable antique dealer could help you evaluate the value of your furniture based on its condition, age, and other essential factors.

How to sell used furniture

Selling pieces of our furniture that we are tired of, perhaps earning just enough (or a lot) to replace them, is not impossible if you dedicate a minimum of patience and time to the matter. There are multiple channels. Let’s look at them briefly.


Selling used furniture online is one of the most popular options. Many free classified websites, such as eBay and Craigslist, allow you to post free ads for your table. Alternatively, some sites specialize in used furniture, such as Mr secondhand, in addition to the more generalist channels.

Flea markets

Flea markets are another great way to sell used furniture. There are many flea markets where you can rent space to sell your furniture. These markets are usually bustling, which increases your chances of selling.

Used furniture stores

There are also used furniture stores that allow you to sell your furniture. These shops buy used furniture from private individuals and resell it, evidently in exchange for their intermediation service, at higher prices. However, used furniture shops often tend to pay less than other sales options.

Sales groups on Facebook

Facebook selling groups are a popular option for selling used furniture. These groups allow you to post free ads and reach a large audience of potential buyers. Furthermore, you can establish direct contact with buyers and negotiate the price directly with them without necessarily paying commissions to someone else.

How to photograph a piece of furniture to sell it

When it comes to photographing furniture for sale, light is critical. Try photographing the table in a well-lit environment, preferably during daylight hours. Furthermore, ensure that the light is uniform across the entire furniture surface to avoid annoying shadows or reflections.

The composition of the photo is equally important. Try to frame the furniture so that it is in the center of the picture and there are no distractions in the image. Also, try to take pictures from different angles so buyers can see the furniture from different perspectives. No less important are:

Use a neutral background.

Show details

Use a quality camera.

Edit photos

You can contact the Staff anytime for any doubts or clarifications. We will be happy to help you and help you get rid of your used furniture and appliances.



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