How To Use Product Demo Webinars To Sell SaaS Products

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Webinar platform has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to host product demo webinars and showcase their web applications to potential customers. These webinars provide an interactive platform where businesses can engage with their target audience, address their pain points, and showcase how their web applications can solve specific challenges. 

In this article, we will delve into how to use product demo webinars for selling web applications, enabling companies to effectively communicate the benefits of their offerings and drive sales. 

Onboarding product webinars for new staff 

Teaching new employees about the product is a must. Especially if they’re responsible for promoting and selling products, or if they’re part of a customer service team. In many cases, the onboarding process needs to be fast and productive so employees can start working as quickly as possible. 

How can you explain the intricacies of your software to people you’ve never met in a time- and cost-effective way? In some cases, the challenge can be even greater. With a webinar, you don’t have to worry about that. Host online meetings from anywhere and invite participants who live in the most remote areas of the world.   

Product update webinars for the team 

Products and services are constantly evolving. New features have been implemented. Old ones are deleted or changed. Marketing, sales, and customer service teams need to stay up-to-date with product changes to properly inform audiences about product changes and resolve issues. 

Similar to onboarding training meetings, product update workshops can present challenges if your team is spread across many offices and branch offices. Imagine a helpline that is often located in a city other than the city where the company is headquartered. Or a sales team that covers different geographies and also works outside the headquarters. How do you stay up to date without spending a fortune on travel? It’s easy. Invite you to our regular (weekly or monthly) webinars on product updates.  

Tools that will come in handy in internal product demo webinars

 A good webinar platform offers a number of tools that you can use to effectively communicate your product. For example: 

Screen sharing – Use to show employees where features are and how they work. For example, you can guide the user through her account setup process so that she can help the customer with this issue.

Whiteboard – Write down key points covered during the webinar or questions asked by participants during the meeting for future reference.

Video – Record a short video tutorial before your webinar and play it while online.

Surveys – Make sure participants are mastering the knowledge you share. Prepare a survey and ask them to complete it after the presentation.  

Product demo webinars for lead generation 

According to a Wyzowl report, 81% of marketers say video helps generate leads. You can follow their example or go a step further and use webinars instead of simple videos to reach new customers. 

A webinar resembles a physical conference, making it a great tool for introducing your product to new audiences. These are far beyond tutorial videos on YouTube that people can watch, but can’t ask. These go far beyond his email campaign offering his 10% discount to new customers. The campaign raises the customer’s initial doubts, such as whether the product will meet their needs and solve their problems, but it cannot be dispelled. So, find out which prospects are interested in your product by filling out the registration form on the landing page, download your e-book or report, or sign up for your mailing list, and sign up for a product demo webinar. Invite Show it to potential customers and impress them with the variety of features you offer. Convince them that this is exactly what they’ve been looking for and that once they buy it, they’ll love it. 

If you want to convert your webinar attendees into loyal customers, pay special attention to custom his branding while working. Make sure your webinar layout matches your brand identity so attendees can recognize you at a glance. Get your logo and colors remembered, build trust and strengthen your brand image. 

Onboarding webinars for new customers 

Once you’ve successfully convinced prospects that your product is what they need to achieve their goals, introduce them to your platform or app. 

As mentioned earlier, even the most detailed traditional user manuals and manuals can be useless if people are always in a hurry and too lazy to read long passages.

Therefore, the better your onboarding process is, the more likely new customers will continue to actively use your solution and renew their subscription for another term. 

In the early stages of software solution development, the product may be used free of charge. Users often remain inactive after registering. Meanwhile, app owners are trying to bring in investors to grow their businesses. For them, active users are essential to assure investors that their solution can evolve. Additionally, active users provide valuable feedback during the early stages of solution development. Thanks to their information, we can know if we are on the right track and if the solution needs to be adapted to the real needs of our users. 

Product demo for up-selling and cross-selling purposes 

That means you have loyal long-term customers who keep renewing their subscriptions. Customer satisfaction studies show that customers think your platform is great and fun to use. 

It’s time to let your customers know and encourage them to try out the many more benefits they can expect beyond your subscription plan. Imagine you have an email marketing platform. The customer is on the Basic plan and only has access to the email editor. With the Pro plan, you can hire a landing page builder to develop a simple website that your email recipients will see after clicking your CTA button. This will allow him to run complex email his marketing campaigns with all the necessary tools available from the user panel. 

Don’t wait for your competitors to order your landing page builder. Host a webinar and use the presentation tool to show some examples of landing pages developed with the tool. Next, I’ll share a screen to show you step by step how easy and simple it is to create a basic landing page. Answer questions and clear doubts through chat or Q&A sessions. And finally, it encourages you to step up to higher plans. 



Product demo webinars have revolutionized the way businesses sell web applications, allowing them to provide engaging and interactive experiences to potential customers. By leveraging the power of webinars, companies can effectively showcase the features, functionalities, and unique benefits of their web applications. 



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