How to View Unlisted YouTube Videos?

With its constant updates, YouTube can occasionally be difficult. The Unlisted videos on YouTube are just one of the many inconsistencies there. The playlist might be accessible and shareable in this situation using the link. In this case, your unlisted videos won’t be displayed on the Video tab’s channel homepage. Unlisted is a tag that indicates that a YouTube video won’t appear in search results on YouTube. If someone adds the unlisted videos to the public playlist, that is the only scenario in which it will occur. But remember that you can always share the URL to a video that isn’t listed.


Setting unlisted videos can be easy; all you have to do is act correctly. To do this, log in to your YouTube Studio account and select “Content” from the menu on the left.” Scroll to the video you wish to update, then select the “Live” tab. Below “Visibility,” select Public, Unlisted, or Private by clicking the downward arrow. Click “Save” to save your setting, and you are done. Also, note that setting a video as Unlisted on YouTube will make it not appear in any of YouTube’s public domains.

Private vs. Unlisted Videos.

Make sure to distinguish an Unlisted video from a Private Video; they are entirely different features. Private Videos, which can only be viewed by those invited to watch the video, are completely different from unlisted videos in that they cannot be found in the search results on YouTube. Again, to view a Private video, you must be signed into your YouTube account; otherwise, neither you nor anyone else with whom you have shared the video will be able to view it.

So, if a YouTube video is private, the people you have invited to watch it are only required. In actuality, neither YouTube nor Google results can include Private Videos. Regarding unlisted videos, it simply means that the uploaded videos won’t appear in any Google search results; therefore, only people with access to the links can directly access them. Consequently, despite having a similar appearance, the two features have different functions.


Limiting YouTube videos to private users.

Only those granted access by the owner via their email addresses can view private videos.

You cannot share the link to a private YouTube video if you have been granted access to view it. Only those with a unique access code from the video owner may watch the video.


Limitations for unlisted YouTube videos.

There are a few options for watching videos that need to be listed. Neither Google nor YouTube will display the video in their search results.

In this case, the owner publishes the video as unlisted and distributes the link to a few people.

Unlisted videos can be shared without the owner’s consent if one person receives them.


Why would the creator want to publish it as unlisted?

Convenience plays a large role. You would have to grant access to the video to each person individually through their email addresses if you made your video private and wanted to share it with 100 people.

It would be tedious to do this. Furthermore, only some recipients’ addresses may be in your possession. You only need to share the link once to allow selected individuals to view the video. Giving everyone access to their email would be unnecessary trouble.

Unlisted videos can also be useful for sharing quickly with close friends and family via messaging apps like WhatsApp. Videos for lead generation and training. You can use videos to generate leads for your business. Anyone who joins your email list will get a link to a video with important information. So that only people on your list can watch the video, you should make it unlisted.

Why Use Unlisted YouTube Videos?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to use an unlisted video, but there are some situations where it is necessary. Some of the most frequent ones include when you must share an exclusive video with your coworkers or anyone in a certain circle. These videos can be used by lecturers who need to show them to their students or businesses that want to reach a specific department without having to schedule a meeting. There are other possibilities as well, but in any case, unlisted YouTube videos ( are made to fit in extremely formal settings.

How to Locate Your YouTube Unlisted Videos?

Learn where to look for your own unlisted YouTube video.

This is how you locate your unlisted YouTube videos if you’re new to the feature.

Step 1.

Enter your YouTube login information. Click your YouTube profile in the upper right corner of the browser (or app) to access it.

Step 2.

You should see a drop-down menu; select YouTube Studio from there.

Step 3.

Select “Video” from the menu that appears in the left pane.

Step 4.

Your uploaded videos should all be aligned on the next page that loads. Next, choose the unlisted videos you want to watch.

How to locate unlisted videos from other people without their URLs?

Be aware there is no right way to do this before we begin. There are three known ways to locate other people’s unlisted videos without URLs; however, we’ll only list the two most widely used ones. Although there may be others, these are the most likely.

Unlisted Video Website is the first method.


Utilizing the Unlisted Video website is an option. Statistical Consultants Ltd. launched the unlisted video website on December 28, 2014. Users can search for, submit, and view YouTube videos that aren’t publicly available. You can access it without registering, but the website’s security is in question. Additionally, it is stated on the website.


Second approach: using search operators.

A collection of characters or phrases known as “Search Operators” are used to locate a specific result. Users looking for a specific cm video on Google can focus their search results by using search operators. The unlisted YouTube videos you’re looking for will show up just like the videos did as Google search results.



This article will clarify how unlisted YouTube videos operate. You must also be aware that because YouTube frequently updates its software, the website’s layout may change slightly, but the method will always be the same. For this article to be seen by more people, please like and share it.




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