Is Brow Lamination Safe to Get Over Microblading?

Microblading Machine

The world of brow grooming is constantly advancing in today’s time. With the introduction of new techniques, it may sometimes get challenging for you to decide which methods will best suit your needs and preferences.

For example, you might be considering microblading to enhance your brows with a fuller, more defined look, along with brow lamination for making them look more sleek and brushed-up. But the question arises: can these two techniques go alongside?

We will answer all  your questions in this article. Additionally, you will come to know about the steps on how you can achieve the brow look you have ever wanted. So, keep reading ahead!

Can You Go For Brow Lamination Over Microblading? 


You can successfully choose to offer brow lamination over microblading.  But here’s a catch, you cannot immediately start with the second treatment. The best you can do is, wait to schedule a brow lamination session until your clients brows have entirely healed.

Usually, the healing process for newly microbladed brows takes 6 to 8 weeks, but it may also depend on person to person. However, if you wish to eliminate the risk of complications involved with getting both treatments together, wait for the recovery duration to end.

Why Wait Until Microblading Healing Is Finished?

The microblading procedure is done using microblading machine, consisting of a tiny blade used to make small incisions in the skin. These incisions facilitate the implantation of pigment, resulting in the formation of hair-like strokes.

This means that the skin will experience minor wounds, and it will require some time for these incisions to heal and seal properly to prevent potential side effects of microblading.

Every individual’s skin undergoes a natural healing process for the changes made during the procedure. So, it becomes essential to give adequate time for the pigment to stabilize, any swelling or redness to decrease, and for the final shape to become evident.

Moreover, the strong chemicals utilized in eyebrow lamination have the potential to permeate the skin, further intensifying inflammation, puffiness, and discomfort. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the customer to visit you only once the healing period has finished.

Do Microblading Touch-Ups Follow The Same Rule?

It is an extremely common question that PMU artists have. Most of them wonder if the same caution guidelines apply to touch-up sessions in microblading as it does to initial procedures. So, in this case, it is of utmost importance that you understand how healing works and why waiting for the day when your client’s skin has completely healed is important.

As discussed earlier, it is advisable to work on touch-ups also only after the healing period of 6-8 weeks is over.  If you are patient during this healing tenure, you can quickly minimize or altogether avoid the side effects that are involved after the procedure, ensuring your customers’ safety.

Also, there is a point to be noted here: even though it is advisable to wait for 6-8 weeks, everyone’s healing time differs. So, what best you can do is, call your client in between and assess them for the brow enhancement service they took from you. After assessing, if you find out that the skin has healed properly, you can go ahead, otherwise, wait a bit more.

Safety Measures Before Combing Microblading & Brow Lamination

If you are planning to combine microblading and brow lamination, we recommend you take some precautions. With the help of these safety measures, you are sure to mitigate risks. So, do follow the measures below for optimal results and your well-being:

Conduct thorough consultations

Conducting a detailed consultation is important, during which you have to assess the condition of your client’s brow, discuss desired outcomes, and then determine if combining these treatments would be suitable or not.

Consider allergies and sensitivities

Take some time to inquire about any allergies and sensitivities that your customer might have towards certain products. Once done, choose your products and methods of application accordingly to avoid any adverse effects. This will lead to fostering a sense of professionalism in your expertise and commitment to your client’s safety.

Aware your client of the healing process

One of the most crucial things to do is educate your clients on the importance of allowing enough time for recovery after microblading. Let them know that rushing for brow lamination before complete recovery can compromise results and potentially lead to irritation.

Patch test for lamination

Prior to lamination, it’s crucial to carry out a patch test for the products, especially with the new customers. With the help of this procedure, you can identify any potential sensitivity and ensure a safe treatment.

Reinforce aftercare guidance

Give your client a proper and detailed explanation of post-treatment care. While you do this, you can emphasize the significance of ignoring activities that may hinder the healing process.

Is Microblading Okay After Recent Brow Lamination?

Here, you need to understand that the previous question was, is going for brow lamination okay after microblading? But, now the confusion is whether you can go for microblading after recent brow lamination.

Like the preceding query, the response to this inquiry is NO! If your client’s skin is still in the recovery duration, you have to wait for the period to end. If you do so, the integrity of the microblading strokes will remain intact.

When To Tint Eyebrows After Microblading?

If you are thinking of offering eyebrow tinting immediately after microblading, you are not on the way to making a prudent choice. Just like brow lamination, It is normally recommended that one should wait for at least 1-1.5 months before attempting to tint the eyebrows.

The healing tenure allows the skin to recover completely and the pigment to settle into the skin, ensuring a clear and stable base for tinting. Also, the spare time facilitates a more precise assessment of the eyebrow shape and color after tinting, which guarantees that the treatment compliments the desired look.

Does The Same Go for Eyebrow PMU?

Irrespective of the chosen method of enhancing your client’s brows, it’s vital to allocate adequate healing time for optimal outcomes. So, yes, the same goes for eyebrow PMU. In addition, it is mandatory to ask the customer to follow universal instructions, like keeping the area dry, not getting involved in activities that may lead to excessive sweating, and avoiding touching the area.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, PMU artists should be careful in choosing the proper method for brow grooming, among microblading, brow lamination, and tinting, by following the procedures. Knowing the details of each procedure, including the recovery period for each one and what kinds of aftercare routines are required, is crucial in achieving the desired results in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Keep in mind that patience, and perseverance are necessary prerequisites to getting the most out of brow enhancement, which is the ultimate goal! Through respect of safety regulations, like patch tests to determine the allergies, and fully obeying the post-treatment instructions as well as the time frames of healing,  your customers can maintain long-term, beautiful results without endangering their health.



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