JCB: Millions of Happy Customers Worldwide

JCB Millions of Happy Customers Worldwide

JCB is known for providing indigenous, world-class, and diverse solutions to the construction Industry. It is one of India’s major construction equipment manufacturers. JCB has genuinely pioneered an age of engineering excellence with an amazing variety of construction equipment. It has millions of happy customers worldwide using its products on a larger scale.

JCB produces lots of construction equipment for different construction purposes. In the works related to roads, construction, and building purposes, JCB equipment is mostly used. JCB offers a variety of products, such as Backhoe Loaders, Excavators, Compactors and Telehandlers.

JCB 3DX Super Backhoe Loader

The JCB 3DX Super is a powerful and versatile backhoe loader with a hydraulic system requiring 20 liters of hydraulic oil. It can easily lift and move heavy loads with a maximum lift capacity of 3000 kg. The backhoe arm on the JCB 3DX Super can extend up to a maximum reach of 5050 millimeters at its full height. JCB 3DX Super has a maximum operating weight of 8010 kg. The backhoe bucket on the JCB 3DX Super has a capacity of 1 cubic meter, which is ideal for digging and loading tasks.

JCB 30 PLUS Excavator

The JCB 30 PLUS is a compact and powerful excavator with a 25 hp engine that provides you with sufficient power for efficient digging and lifting operations. It is a compact and lightweight machine with an operating weight of 2870 kg. The bucket present in the Mini excavator brings you a holding capacity of 0.07 cum.

The JCB 30PLUS features a hydraulic system that delivers 70 Lpm of flow. The mini excavator’s maximum digging depth allows you to reach up to 3050 mm, to handle various excavation tasks. 

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