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Etsy reviews

A Shopify store should never lack customer reviews to establish itself as credible in the eCommerce field. The Shopify store will improve sales and conversion rates but how do you import Etsy reviews to the Shopify store? On Shopify, getting your Etsy reviews is not tough at all. You may easily add your Etsy reviews to the Shopify store with apps such as Product Reviews for Shopify. 

Mainly, there are two options regarding importing reviews into Shopify. When you showcase those glittery Etsy reviews in the Shopify store it will boost conversion rates. According to BigCommerce, it will potentially boost conversions by 377%. By displaying these game-changing glowing Etsy reviews, you can boost the credibility and reputation of your brand, if you’re a business owner operating your store on Shopify. To import reviews to Shopify, there are review aggregator tools available that will help you. 

Read this blog and learn the process of importing Etsy Reviews to the Shopify store. Let’s get started! 

Why Importing Etsy Reviews Are Important For The Shopify Store?

Reviews will work as social proof for your Shopify store. Acting as powerful testimonials, Etsy reviews can convince potential buyers of your Shopify store by displaying the positive experiences your customers have had with your products and brand. Here are some effective reasons to import Etsy reviews to Shopify store. 

1. Enhances Credibility And Customer Trust 

Before making a purchase, over 92% of customers read online reviews as per the Spiegel research. By displaying positive Etsy reviews on your Shopify store, you display your brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. It will encourage potential customers to feel confident in their purchasing decisions. 

2. Improves Conversion Rates 

The essential social proof of the businesses that impact the purchasing decisions of potential customers is positive Reviews. Showcasing customer reviews can increase conversion rates by up to 380% as per the studies by Trustpilot. For your business, this will improve your conversion rates and increase sales and revenue. 

3. Increases Search Engine Ranking (SEO) 

Customer reviews are considered a positive ranking factor by Google and other search engines. You’re potentially enhancing your Shopify store visibility in search results which leads to organic traffic by learning to add Etsy reviews to your Shopify store. 

4. Improved Brand Reputation 

For your brand, positive reviews act as social proof for your brand which amplifies your brand reputation, excellent customer service, quality, and overall positive customer experience. Influencing potential buyers’ decisions and building trust, positive reviews act as the best marketing tool for brands. These reviews can be used by sellers to boost their brand reputation, establish a strong presence, and attract more customers. 

How To Import Etsy Reviews To Shopify Store?

There are three major ways through which you can import Etsy reviews into Shopify store. Let’s have a look at them below: 

1. Using Tagembed Shopify Plugin 

a). In the app store, search for Tagembed after logging into your Shopify store. Select the Tagembed app and install it. 

b). Tagembed will open in a new window once installed. Toggle down and press on the “Add Feed” tab. Choose ”Etsy Reviews” from the dropdown menu. 

c). To expand the review section, press “See All Reviews”. From your browser address bar, copy the “Shop Page URL” and insert the “Page Review” or paste the URL. 

d). Into the “Enter Page URL” and paste the copied URL there. To generate your review feed, press the “Create Feed” tab. 

e). The Etsy reviews feed will be displayed on your website. Congratulations!

f). Copy the “Shortcode” displayed on the screen after pressing the “Embed/Display” tab. 

g). Navigate to “Online Store”>” Themes” in your Shopify admin. For your current theme, press on the “Customize” tab. 

h). Press “Add Section” from the sidebar in the customization menu. From the options, choose “Tagembed Widget Google Reviews+YouTube”. Into the designated field, paste the copied shortcode and press the “Save” tab. 

On your Shopify store, your Etsy reviews are now showcased. 

2. Using Tagembed Tool 

Here are steps you can use to add Etsy reviews: 

a). Sign up for a free Tagembed account and create a free account. 

b). After logging into your account, select “Review Widget” between the two options. 

c). From the list of available sources, press “Add Feed” and select “Etsy Reviews”.

d). To authorize Tagembed to access your Etsy shop data, press “Connect Etsy” and follow the on-screen instructions. 

e). To ensure your review widget seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store’s design, Tagembed offers a variety of customization options. 

f). Click on “Embed Widget” and select Shopify from various CMS platforms. 

g). To generate the embed code, press the “Embed Code” tab and Tagembed will give you a unique code snippet. 

h). Navigate to the product page after logging into your Shopify admin where you want to show your Etsy reviews. Press on “Edit HTML/CSS” and paste the embed code in its position. 

f). To ensure the reviews are displayed correctly, save the changes made to your product page and preview it. 

3. Manual Import 

This is a simple method that involves copying and pasting your Etsy reviews into your Shopify store. 

a). Navigate to the “Reviews” section under “Shop Manager” after logging into your Etsy account. 

b). Copy the text after finding the reviews you want to import. 

c). Navigate to “Products” after logging into your Shopify admin. 

d). Choose the product you want to add to the review. 

e). Paste the copied review text into the appropriate field after scrolling down to the “Reviews” section. 

For all the reviews, repeat this process that you want to import. The manual method is free but it can be time-consuming and tedious. 

Final Rundown 

Etsy and Shopify are two of the best-selling platforms available for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to sell their products online. Through manual or automated methods, the practice of importing reviews from Etsy to Shopify can become easier. You can unlock the full potential of your hard-earned social proof and propel your Shopify store to new heights by selecting the right import methods and optimizing your reviews for impact. 



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