Methods to Cancel Chegg Subscription

how to cancel chegg

If you are reading this blog to get to know about how to unsubscribe from chegg then we are glad to tell you that this platform is the best one for you to gather this information. 

Chegg is an educational platform that gives academic support to students. It offers various services like homework help, digital and physical textbook rentals, online classes, and other student services.  

Cancelling a subscription to chegg when you do not want to use it anymore is pretty easy and you just need to follow some simple steps which are there in the blog. 

Cancelling Subscription to Chegg on Your iPhone

If you have subscribed to the Chegg Study on your iPhone and now you want to cancel that then here are the steps to do the same: 

  • Then click on your name to go to your profile. 
  • After that click on your Media and Purchases to proceed. 
  • Then you have to choose View Account there.
  • You need to find there for Chegg Study under the Subscriptions
  • Now, click on your Chegg Study and click on Cancel Subscription.

Cancelling Subscription to Chegg on Your PC

Have you Subscribed to your Chegg Study on your desktop? If yes, now you are searching for the steps of cancelling the Chegg subscription on the PC then here are the steps to do the same: 

You should get started by logging into your chegg account on your device and then you should get to the next step where you need to click on the My Account option followed by the Orders button. 

In this step now you need to scroll down on the screen until you find the option of chegg study pack under the option of subscriptions. 

As soon as you find it you are needed to hit on cancel subscription button and follow all the prompts which are given to you on the screen. 

Cancel Your Chegg Subscription on Your Android Device

Here is another way to cancel your Chegg subscription on your Android device. Read below to check more.  

  • First of all, open your Android device and go to the Google Play store. 
  • Then click on your name to go to your account. 
  • There you will see a list and you need to click on the Payments and Subscriptions.
  • Now select the Chegg Study option under Subscriptions. 
  • Now you need to cancel the subscription of your Chegg Study.
  • In the end, hit the “Yes” button to confirm your action. 


We hope that the details from this blog about how to cancel chegg have been productive for you in gaining information and details about chegg, also in order to get the desired results you are required to follow each and every step just how the way it has been given for you. You can also find here many solutions regarding chegg and its features. 


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