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The history of sunstone is fairly extensive, and it has many mystical uses and benefits. This rare gem is a kind of feldspar that also contains hematite and goethite. Due to the unique effects of the odd combination of these stones, you can see the light refracting through the Sunstone crystal as it moves when turned around in the sun.

In sunstone, warmer hues like red, orange, brown, and gold are more prevalent. These colors create a remarkable speckled pattern when combined with what seems to be a translucent or white-like color. If you’re looking for a stone to keep about you or your home for a summertime energy boost, continue reading for more information on these lovely Sunstone crystals.

What Is a Sunstone?

It is abundant in the ground and has a special golden warmth. It also goes by the names Goldstone and Aventurine Feldspar on occasion. The planet’s copious reddish-orange deposits, according to various mythology and historical sources, bring cosmic healing from the sun. It was at least a few hundred years old when JD Dana discovered it in 1837. Everywhere in the world, including Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Russia, China, Canada, and Oregon in the United States, the masses are there.

What Is The Meaning Of Sunstone?

The sunstone crystal is a representation of Ra, the Sun God from Greek mythology. The Egyptians believed that this stone had fallen from the sun during a solar eclipse and was a gift from Ra.

Nordic and Native American cultures also make use of it. According to mythology, the Vikings made use of this stone’s tendency to shimmer in the light to use it as a compass to navigate over the undulating hills and fields. Native Americans thought the stone had amazing healing properties and could when needed, give its possessor life and joy.

It is a divine representation of the restoration of manhood within every one of us, regardless of gender. If you suffer with your male side being weaker than your feminine side and you want to develop harmony with these parts of yourself, sunstone is unquestionably for you.

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Sunstone Jewelry

Sunstone jewelry, according to folklore, is a stone of leadership and self-discovery. People who wear sunstone jewelry enjoy the freedom and consciousness growth. Sunstone jewelry can assist you in balancing your feminine and masculine energies. If you have trouble establishing healthy boundaries, lack confidence, or find it difficult to say “no” to people, wear Sunstone jewelry.

Sunstone jewelry, according to folklore, expands the heart and brings joy into your life by opening up a conduit to it. Sunstone jewelry is claimed to work wonders in your life, bringing about a sense of joy and restoring happiness and contentment within you.

Sunstone jewelry is allegedly physically effective in treating spinal issues, easing stress in the stomach, and curing stomach ulcers. It is also believed that wearing sunstone jewelry will aid in the body’s fight against sore throats.

How to Use Sunstone?

If you keep a sunstone close to your physical body, its strong vibration may permeate through your body and aura like the sun’s rays. If you think you could use sunstone’s physical healing properties, the best course of action is to wear it as jewelry on your body. It makes sense to have it within your home; place a few pieces here and there to keep the energy moving and unrestricted.

How Do You Clean Sunstone?

It’s essential to regularly clean your crystals, especially Sunstone. Due to its brilliance and high vibration, your Sunstone jewelry may absorb a lot of negativity and spend a lot of time turning darkness into light. You may help your stone get the support it needs by smudging your Sunstone jewelry with some sage or bay leaves, immersing it in warm salt water, or placing it among purifying stones.

Can Sunstone Go In The Sun?

Sunstone can unquestionably be exposed to sunlight. In fact, you should let the sunshine on your sparkling Sunstone crystal. However, some individuals believe that direct sunlight exposure might damage the stone’s natural energy cycle. So, we suggest placing your stone in a dimly lit area, Possibly on a windowsill.

Placing your Sunstone in the sun is one of the quickest ways to charge it. Burying your crystal in the ground or placing it in the moonlight are other ways to purify and restore it.

Sunstones: Are They Rare?

In general, finding sunstones is not too difficult. You can usually find them rather readily in jewelry and other little products.

However, there are a few sunstone variants that are incredibly rare and seldom ever seen in the crystal or jewelry sectors. This type of sunstone comes in a variety of colors, from deep blue to deep clear green. This remarkable piece of dark blue-to-green stone is so uncommon that we aren’t even sure where it came from.

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What Signs Point to a Real Sunstone?

It might be difficult to tell if your sunstone is real or not since it can come in such a wide range of colors. However, the only certain method to tell if your Sunstone is real is to check for the shimmering glow it gives out when held up to the light. The higher a stone’s grade, the more gold/copper flecks it contains and the simpler it is to recognize as a Sunstone.


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