Netgear Router Parental Controls Stopped Working. Help!

The Parental Controls is one of those features on Netgear Nighthawk routers that let him/her prevent internet usage on a few devices. Therefore, if you have done Nighthawk router setup in your house, it is suggested that you enable this feature on the router. The feature will be very helpful to you if there are too many kids in your house and who love spending much time on their screens. Without a doubt, Parental Controls are a boon. But, there are times when the feature just denies working. Have the Netgear router Parental Controls stopped working on your Nighthawk too? If yes, then you can rely on the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in this post.

Troubleshooting: Netgear Router Parental Controls Stopped Working

1. Check Time and Date

There is a high possibility that the time on which your Netgear router is running and the time on which the device subjected to Parental Controls is different. That is why you are complaining about the non-working status of the feature. This must be known to you that some of the router features deny working when the time gap arises between the subjected device and the Netgear router. Thus, make sure that your devices are working on the same time. Otherwise, the problem will keep troubling you.

2. See the Router’s Operation Mode

There are instances when the router is set to work as an access point by the user. Perhaps, you have also installed your Nighthawk router in the AP mode due to which the Parental Controls feature is not working. Therefore, you are suggested to log in to the router and check its operation mode. If it is access point, then we suggest you change it to the router mode. The reason being, some of the router’s features are unavailable in the access point mode.

3. Restart the Router

Why are you not considering technical glitches that have the 90% potential of making you a victim of the issue you are facing with the router? Know that technical glitches are capable of making your router non-functional. And you’ll not want it to happen? Do you? Thus, you should move forward and restart your WiFi router.

Wondering how? Just disconnect the power cord and adapter. Disconnect the LAN cable connecting your Netgear router and modem too. Once done, give 10-15 minutes of rest to your router. Lastly, re-establish all connections and switch on the router. Are the devices subjected to parental controls still getting an internet connection? If yes, you should not wait to give a shot at the technique mentioned ahead.

4. Check the Device’s Connection

Is your kid’s device or the device subjected to Parental Controls is actually connected to the WiFi network of the Netgear router? Well, you can check that by accessing the Nighthawk app on that mobile phone. If it works, then the mobile is fetching the internet connection from the router. Just in case, it does not, we recommend you connect the device to the router. You cannot expect the Parental Controls feature to work for you if the device you have subjected to the feature is connected to some other WiFi network or is simply utilizing the cellular data.

5. Update the Firmware

There are also chances that the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router has become outdated due to which its several features including the Netgear router Parental Controls feature have become inaccessible. Therefore, you are advised to install the latest firmware version on the WiFi router. You can do this by accessing the login URL on a device connected to the Netgear network. However, while you upgrade the firmware, you must ensure that you are letting the process get completed without any interruption. Also, the firmware file uploaded by you must be correct.

The Final Thoughts

The Netgear router Parental Controls not working issue can look a great deal to troubleshoot if not addressed carefully. But, with the help of the techniques we have given here, you can get it resolved in a matter of minutes.

But, what will you do if the Parental Controls feature does not get back to work even after certain attempts? In that case, you are supposed to review the settings of your router and assign Parental Controls settings again. Be very sure that you do not make any mistake this time.



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