Top 10 Successful Online Food Delivery Apps in India

Online Food Delivery Apps

Talking and actual enjoyment of food thrill the quietest and calmest of persons, as it is an everyday need. No wonder the growth of online food delivery apps in India is literally out of the roof. Food is a big business proposition with no chance of failure under the best business plan. Food delivery apps have mushroomed as the digital age pushes this technological transition. You can order any favorite dish and have it at your doorstep in the shortest possible time.

Below, we evaluate the best and top ten most successful online apps for food delivery in India. We measure several metrics and gather lots of market data to give you these app rankings. Let us dive right in to find out.

The Best and Most Successful Online Food Delivery Apps in India in 2023

  • Speedyy Superapp. Are you looking for the fastest and safest food delivery to your doorstep? Speedyy Superapp does not disappoint on this front. Speedyy Superapp’s, as an up-and-coming service provider, has quickly established its reliability and trust in its target market and audience. The app operates on a zero-commission model with several interesting features for a delivery app. These include real-time tracking, a seamless user interface, and unlimited access to several service providers.
  • As a large food delivery service and app across several cities in India, it covers most dish preferences. The app offers a wide range of services for delivering food from the most reliable restaurants, hotels, and catering business service providers. Zomato is believed to be operating in more cities with detailed food information, menus, updated user reviews of restaurants, live order tracking, and multiple service options in several Indian cities and towns.
  • The food delivery app based in Bangalore now operates in most Indian metropolitan cities. It provides convenience and low-cost access to hot meals from nearby hotels and catering businesses. Swiggy and Zomato have been market rivals for a long time, operating in several Indian cities and towns. Users can scan multiple food options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian ranges from thousands of service providers all over India. You can also order groceries and home essentials through the Swiggy app. A Swiggy Instamart feature promises an instant grocery delivery service to customer doorsteps in just 15–30 minutes.
  • Food Panda. This is a major player in the food and grocery delivery market in India and ranks among the most popular delivery apps with users. You can easily order food and other convenience essentials from over 100+ cities in India on the app. The app has built a significant subscriber base to secure its business plan.
  • Most people associate the delivery app with pizzas, burgers, and other takeaway or fast food options on the menu. Dominos was one of the first entrants to establish a strong presence in all the major cities before branching into full-time food delivery. Dominos operates several restaurants in India where food lovers can order anything from a pizza to a burger in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The added advantage is the multiple payment options to ease the food order and delivery process.
  • Few food delivery apps score on success indicators like the EatSure app. First, there are multiple food brands and tastes that foodies can enjoy on a single platform. Secondly, most Indian dishes and regions are covered in these elaborate menus. There are rewards for users for using the app that ensure saving and eating healthy food. The app currently has services in all mainstream and tertiary cities in India.
  • The food delivery app and platform is known for its brand name, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The menu incorporates several orderable food types on the food delivery app.
  • Everyone has heard about McDonald’s for its famed pizzas and burgers. But the food delivery service app provides more than that today. A total experience in food and dining awaits food lovers on the delivery app.
  • PizzaHut is a long-running food brand in India with a national presence. You can travel to every corner of India and find a pizza hut. As a food delivery app, you get fresh pizzas and other food options on the app to ramp up your birthday, anniversary, and other types of parties.
  • Homefoodi: Are you craving homecooked food as a student, professional, or family member in another place other than your original home? The innovative delivery platform provides access to delicious menu options. The app provides locally sourced and prepared foods with a high focus on taste, hygiene, and affordable costs.

Closing Remarks

Today, food delivery is highly competitive, as the competition among the top delivery apps increases. Establishing market leadership and retaining positions are hard acts to follow up on. The top ten food delivery apps in India operate in different target market segments with varied market share. From the largest metros to the second and third-tier cities, food delivery is still in high demand. Speedyy Superapp, is a multi-service delivery app (including food delivery) from nearby restaurants and hotels at the most competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (Questions)

1. What are the ranking factors for the successful online food delivery apps in India?

There are pointers like customer reviews, feedback and recommendations for service quality. Besides, the level of services offered, coverage, and experience in market also count.

2. Are the food delivery apps good at customer support services?

Most of the featured apps have built long term relations with their target markets and customers. Besides, building credibility is a product of good customer support.

3. Is Speedyy Superapp a food delivery app or mixed services app?

As a versatile multi-services delivery platform, the app also dabbles into the lucrative food delivery service. Food delivery service is  considered among the fastests growing in India.

4. Do the food delivery apps charge extra to deliver food ordered online? 

Each app has its business plan and work ethic. However, some apps are run by restaurant chains and incorporate costs in charged value. Some rely on zero commission model driven by volume.

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