Removals for homes, offices and companies

Super-budget-movers in Ajman

Packaging, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and equipment

Thanks to a qualified and specialized staff of movers and packers in Ajman, we offer professional assistance for the redistribution of furniture in new environments, carpentry modifications to adapt furniture to the new site, change of kitchens and possible replacement of the top.

Careful preparation of all furniture and contents to be moved

We protect everything that needs to be moved, from small objects to systems and equipment. We use protective materials such as disposable cellophane for upholstery (sofas, mattresses, cushions), bubble wrap, cardboard bubble wrap and furniture covers, and we provide customized rigid packaging if necessary.

Bureaucratic assistance and signage rental for road construction sites

It is a service aimed mainly at companies (removals and otherwise) that do not reside in Dubai and its province but which have to carry out work here for which requests for ordinances from the Traffic Office, authorizations from the Municipal Police Headquarters and set-up are necessary of the construction site with signs 48 hours before the start of work.

Full insurance coverage

In addition to the insurance required by law, primary insurance companies guarantee adequate coverage for RCTRCOfire and theft.


Hygiene, cleanliness and health have always been a requirement for us that is part of workplace safety; staff of Office Movers in Dubai periodically follows updates on first aid, fire prevention and safety in the workplace. He is equipped with personal protective equipment and is regularly subjected to medical examinations required by law.

Do-it-yourself moving

Do you want to take care of your home or business move yourself? If you need a do-it-yourself move in Dubai and its province, we can rent you the necessary equipment and leave everything else up to you.

Sale of materials

Usually, unless otherwise agreed, the move includes the supply of materials necessary for packing and preparing the contents of the furniture by the customer.

 All this is always better specified in the estimate, and the cost is included in the price of the service.

Our materials are also on sale at our warehouse and very soon online with home delivery.

Do you need to get rid of furniture or objects following a move?

We often collaborate with associations that need furniture or objects; they could be the ones you would like to eliminate. We can put you in direct contact with them and thus give your things a second life.

Are you an association? Let’s start collaborating to reduce waste even more. Could you write to us now?

 What should we do to get a quote for the move?

It’s straightforward: call our Movers in Dubai offices and arrange an appointment for an inspection, free of charge and without obligation on your part. In this way, we can accurately evaluate the extent of the work to be done and the related cost. After the visit from our representative, you will receive the written offer so you can easily compare it with any other quotes.

Who carries out the move and how?

This is a fundamental question; we need to select who enters our homes carefully. In fact, during the selections, we do not limit ourselves only to evaluating skills at a professional level, but we also take education and personal care into significant consideration. Initially, we begin with dismantling the furniture, protecting it with shockproof materials and preparing for loading. Then, furniture and boxes are loaded onto trucks, transported and unloaded. Finally, there is the positioning, unpacking and reassembly phase.



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