Sales Funnel Management: Tracking and Nurturing Leads with CRM

Sales Funnel Management

Generating leads is considered easy for businesses with an effective marketing plan but converting is where the businesses need to focus. Many businesses are getting leads but are not able to convert them. The main reason behind this is having a complex or no sales funnel management structure.

If you have an effective lead management and nurturing strategy, your business can elevate sales by guiding prospects to make final purchase decisions. With CRM, you can manage the leads and offer relevant information to them easily. A sales funnel can help you improve customer experience with trends so you can nurture leads and increase profitability. Every CRM has unique features of sales funnels but you should choose the one by considering your expectations with lead handling. Salesforce is one of the biggest names in CRM but you can also consider some of the best salesforce alternatives as well.

What is Lead Nurturing?

When you are engaged with prospects and encouraging leads to manage to complete the sales cycle, the process is called lead nurturing. If you want to engage with the leads, the best way is to use the CRM for this. You can use various strategies to build trust and improve the overall customer journey.

When a business is working with a CRM, all the leads are collected with the sales funnel. It is a great inbound marketing strategy. A lead is basically managed in three stages, top of the funnel, (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

Lead nurturing involves managing the lead from the beginning. It involves capturing leads with the help of the CRM from every available source. It also involves managing contact with them and fulfilling their demands to eventually convert.

Why is lead nurturing important?

If a lead is not converted, it is of no use for a business model. It is the need of the business to stay ready for leads and offer them everything so they can convert.  There are chances that a lead will surely convert if it is addressed and nurtured well. As most of the businesses are focused on lead generation, it makes a business frontrunner if it is nurturing leads effectively.

When a business is focused on increasing the sales quickly, it is using every strategy to sell the product or services without paying enough attention to the lead. There are chances that the lead feels discouraged and moves away from the business. Meanwhile, lead nurturing can convert and overcome these challenges. You can build trust for your business and increase retention with this. It is also used for converting small leads to bigger ones.

Tracking and Nurturing Leads: Best Practices to Follow

With lead nurturing, you can encourage customers to purchase from your platform. You can give personalised experience and improve customer journeys. Here are some of the best approaches and practices to nurture a lead in your business:

Scoring leads and segmentation

The first thing you need to do is to score leads. With this, you get the lead and prioritise them as per your needs. You can save time and resources with this and identify which lead needs your attention. You should set pre-defined criteria and make purchasing and budgeting based on that.

With proper segmentation, you can find the leads on urgency and use them to convert. It can be done with user interest, demographics, preference, and other factors. It is also helpful in delivering personalised information.

Utilise both sales and marketing

If you want to maximise the impact of CRM and lead nurturing, you need to focus on both sales and marketing. Sales and marketing alignment can help you be clear about the user journey and manage a complete life cycle fully optimised.

While improving communication between sales and marketing teams in your business, you can improve the agility to manage the leads. This collaboration can also be useful in managing the lead with the right approach under the right team.

Personalised email

It is a great strategy to drive sales and conversions. With this, you can build a stronger relationship with the prospects and offer them a unique experience. Businesses can make their users feel special and address their pain points with the right email strategy.

Based on previous interactions, you can use the CRM to store the data and utilise it for personalisation. It can be helpful in sending new updates and news about your offers as well.

Tracking performance

The main thing about sales conversion is measuring the overall performance. It is vital to understand the campaign to produce quality results. If you know how to manage the sales and track the performance, you can easily outscore your competition.

It is also possible to find if you are using proper segmentation and meeting the expected goals. With this, you can also find the areas where you are going wrong with your campaigns. You can find the areas where you need to put work on and implement segmentation easily with this.

Utilise multiple channels

Email is not just a lead nurturing tool as you can use it to boost engagement. You can use multiple channels to reach your potential conversions and enhance the trust. A lead needs to be addressed at multiple touchpoints to increase the chances of conversion, and you should follow this approach.

With doing this, you can ensure that the lead is getting all the information on their preferred platform. This practice can help you in staying in touch with the leads. You can use social media and online ads for this.

Constant follow-ups

As an effective approach, you need to manage the lead nurturing effectively so you can get the best results with ease. You can find the best way to deal with the potential customers and keep them engaged in the conversation. It can increase retention rate and you can eliminate the risk of losing many leads effectively.

The timing is also important in this and you can manage it with instant follow up in case of website visit. You can also start looking for solutions everywhere and leverage user interest to make the most for your business.

Run retargeted campaigns

If you are using retargeting strategies, you can achieve quality retention and achieve better business results. It can also help your conversion as you know that the user is already interested in your product or service.

With this, you can stay on top of the lead management and offer a more personalised experience. It can also help in tracking previous activity and modify interactions. You can make the best with this just based on your website visit.

Implement the Best CRM Strategies to Increase Sales

If you want to increase sales with the CRM, the best way is to utilise the CRM effectively. It can not only deliver a quality user experience but also boost sales. If you are confused about effective strategies for the sales funnel and how to maximise the impact of CRM for your business, you can hire SugarCRM developers and get the results instantly. There are many other CRMs as well and every one of them offers unique strategies for sales management. It can boost your sales and increase your revenue with ease.


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