The Complete Guide to iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Cost

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Cost

The iPhone 4, known for its iconic design and revolutionary features, remains a beloved device for many users even as newer models have taken center stage. However, with time, accidents happen, and a cracked or malfunctioning screen can be a common issue for iPhone 4 owners. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of iPhone 4 screen replacement cost factors affecting the price, available options, and essential considerations for making an informed decision.

Understanding iPhone 4 Screen Components

Before delving into screen replacement costs, it’s crucial to understand the components involved in the iPhone 4 screen. The display assembly comprises the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and the digitizer (also known as the touch screen). Both components work together to create the visual interface and respond to touch inputs.

Factors Affecting Screen Replacement Costs

Several factors influence the cost of iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Cost. The most significant determinants include:

a. OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are genuine Apple components, while aftermarket parts are made by third-party manufacturers. OEM parts usually come at a higher cost due to their quality assurance and compatibility with the device. Aftermarket parts can be more affordable but may vary in quality and performance.

b. Professional Repair vs. DIY: Opting for professional repair services, such as at an Apple Store or authorized repair center, typically costs more than attempting a do-it-yourself (DIY) repair. DIY kits are available online at lower prices, but they carry the risk of incorrect installation, leading to further damage.

c. Warranty Coverage: If the iPhone 4 is still under warranty or covered by AppleCare, the cost of screen replacement may be significantly reduced or even free, depending on the circumstances of the damage.

d. Location: Geographical location can impact repair costs, with prices varying between countries, regions, and cities.

e. Skill and Experience of Repair Technician: The expertise and experience of the repair technician can influence the overall cost of the service. More skilled technicians might charge higher fees for their services.

Official Apple Repair Costs

If your iPhone 4 is still under warranty or covered by AppleCare, you may be eligible for a reduced-cost or free screen replacement. However, if your warranty has expired or the damage isn’t covered, Apple’s official repair service can be expensive. The out-of-warranty screen replacement cost from Apple may range from $80 to $150, depending on your location.

Authorized Service Providers

Apple also collaborates with authorized service providers, who offer certified repairs for iPhones. These providers may offer slightly lower prices than Apple itself while using genuine OEM parts. Prices can vary, so it’s advisable to check with local authorized service providers for accurate quotes.

Third-Party Repair Shops

Numerous third-party repair shops exist that specialize in iPhone repairs. Prices at these shops are often more competitive than official services, but it’s essential to exercise caution when selecting a provider. Always research the reputation of the repair shop, read customer reviews, and inquire about the parts they use before committing to a repair.

Online DIY Repair Kits

For budget-conscious individuals, DIY repair kits available online can be an appealing option. These kits typically include a replacement screen and the necessary tools for installation. However, attempting a DIY repair requires a certain level of technical skill and can be risky. Mishandling the delicate components during the repair process can cause further damage, leading to more expenses in the long run.

Refurbished vs. New Screens

When exploring replacement options, you may encounter refurbished screens, which are previously used screens that have been repaired to function like new. While these screens are cheaper than new OEM screens, their quality may vary, and they may not last as long.

The iPhone 4, a revolutionary device that ushered in a new era of smartphones, may be a classic by today’s standards, but it is not exempt from wear and tear. One of the most common issues users encounter is a cracked or damaged screen. If you find yourself in need of an iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Cost, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the costs and options available for restoring your beloved device to its former glory.

DIY Screen Replacement

For those with technical skills and a DIY spirit, attempting to replace the iPhone 4 screen yourself is an option. DIY kits can be purchased online, which typically include the necessary tools and a replacement screen. The cost of such kits can vary depending on the quality of the screen and the included tools. On average, a basic DIY kit may cost anywhere from $20 to $50.


  • Potentially lower cost compared to professional repair services.
  • A sense of accomplishment from successfully fixing your own device.
  • Flexibility in choosing replacement components.


  • Risk of damaging your device further if not done correctly.
  • Lack of warranty on self-repaired devices.
  • Precision and technical skills required, making it unsuitable for everyone.

Third-Party Repair Shops

Third-party repair shops have sprung up all around, offering screen replacement services for various iPhone models, including the iPhone 4. These establishments are often more affordable than official Apple stores and may offer different options based on the quality of the replacement screen.


  • Competitive pricing compared to Apple’s official repair services.
  • Convenient availability in local areas.
  • Faster turnaround time than DIY attempts.


  • Varying quality of replacement screens, from aftermarket to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • Some repair shops may use inferior parts to reduce costs.
  • Limited or no warranty on repairs, depending on the shop’s policies.

Official Apple Store

Getting your iPhone 4 screen replaced at an official Apple Store is arguably the safest option, as they use genuine Apple parts and ensure the highest level of quality. However, this comes at a premium price compared to other options.


  • Guaranteed genuine Apple parts and quality assurance.
  • Professional service from Apple-certified technicians.
  • Limited warranty on the repair, providing peace of mind.


  • Highest cost compared to other alternatives.
  • Depending on the availability of parts and the store’s schedule, repairs might take longer.
  • May not be a viable option for those living in remote areas without an Apple Store nearby.

Online Repair Services

Numerous online repair services have emerged in recent years, providing screen replacement options for iPhone 4 owners. These services allow you to mail in your device and have it repaired remotely. Prices and quality can vary, so it’s crucial to do your research before choosing an online service.


  • Convenience of sending in your device without leaving your home.
  • Some online services offer competitive pricing.
  • Access to a wider range of repair options and components.


  • Potential shipping costs and delays.
  • Lack of in-person communication may lead to misunderstandings or dissatisfaction.
  • Quality concerns if you choose an unreliable service.


In conclusion, the cost of iPhone 4 Screen Replacement Cost depends on various factors, including the type of parts used, repair provider, location, and warranty coverage. Apple’s official repair service can be relatively expensive, while third-party repair shops and DIY kits offer more affordable alternatives. Regardless of the chosen option, it is crucial to prioritize the quality and authenticity of the replacement parts to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your beloved iPhone 4.



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