This Week’s Top Stories About Local Music

Top Stories About Local Music


Over the years, local music in Pakistan has witnessed an incredible evolution. With a rich diversity of genres and talented musicians emerging from its vibrant cultural landscape. However, Pakistan’s local music has received a new boost from a new generation of brilliant and creative performers. And their performances are increasing with the rapid rate due to the virtual music platforms. Amongst the most loved songs, it’s true that Attaullah Khan songs have won the hearts of millions of listeners throughout the globe. Not only the people of Pakistan love to listen to his songs, but also his songs is known far and wide. Pakistani artists have the ability to amaze international listeners through their rich cultural backgrounds and distinctive musical traditions. It is providing a welcome contrast to the world’s popular music.

Moreover, Pakistani performers have astonished audiences at both local and international levels with their remarkable expertise. Whether it is just the classical songs or their Sufi Tarka. All goes in their favour as people nowadays only want to listen something that attracts them. Furthermore, the unique blend of traditional instruments and emotive vocals has garnered international acclaim. Subsequently, it raises the question of whether the local music of Pakistan has the potential to conquer global stages. There are several songs from multiple artists which are now loved these days. And Shaman Ali Mirali songs are just the thing which people love to listen while on the long tracks. Mirali has established himself in the world of regional music with his deep voice and timelessly ageless compositions. This blog delves into the enticing realm of regional music and examines the top tales engrossing fans worldwide.

1. Zeeshan Khan Rokhri’s new hit ‘Hasya ni Main’:

Zeeshan Khan Rokhri has mesmerized his audience once again with his latest release, ‘Hasya ni Main’. It is a song that will leave fans mesmerized.  Because of its beautiful lyrics, it is #4 trending on music with more than 2 million views on Youtube. Zeeshan easily brings this beautiful masterpiece to life with his strong vocals and sincere feelings. However, Hasya ni Main weaves a story of sadness, sorrow, and the memories of the past while taking us on a musical trip. The song has soul-stirring beats and well-written lyrics that speak to the listener’s attitude. Furthermore, the song also has an enticing arrangement. Hasya ni Main is a must-listen for fans and music lovers alike because of Zeeshan’s distinctive flair and affable demeanor. Zeeshan Khan Rokhri’s creativity and capacity to produce music that penetrates the heart and soul are once again demonstrated by this most recent song.

2. New Trending Noha by Irfan Hider:

Irfan Haider is a well-known and exceptionally skilled Noha reciter. He has once more mesmerized his audience with his most recent recording, “Murshid Ya Mola Syedi Hussain (as).”  With over 230K views on YouTube, it is currently the #18 music trending video.  This Noha, which is extremely spiritual and emotionally charged, honors the renowned Imam Hussain (as), the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson. Irfan Haider masterfully captures the unshakable love, dedication, and sacrifice exemplified by Imam Hussain (as). He has written about the terrible events of Karbala through his soul-stirring singing and evocative lyrics. A moving reminder of Imam Hussain’s (as) eternal message of justice, bravery, and fortitude is provided by “Murshid Ya Mola Syedi Hussain (as)”. To sum up, Irfan Haider’s sincere interpretation touches listeners, engaging them in a profound spiritual experience as they meditate on the noble Imam’s timeless lessons of faith and compassion.

 3. Irfan Angara’s recent hit ‘Yaar Chahiday’.

The latest track by Irfan Angara, “Yaar Chahiday,” is a beautiful track that has captured the music industry this week. Irfan Angara easily engages listeners on a deep level with his beautiful vocals and expressive delivery. Also, it is #26 trending with 1 million views. The captivating blend of modern and traditional elements found in “Yaar Chahiday” combines upbeat sounds with the enduring beauty of literary lyrics. Moreover, you’ll find yourself bobbing along to the song’s rhythm because of its upbeat rhythm and enticing melody. The lyrical narrative of Irfan Angara comes through, creating a vivid picture of desire, companionship, and the enduring ties we value. In short, Irfan Angara’s incredible ability is on full display in “Yaar Chahiday,” which is a true treat for music lovers and leaves listeners anxiously expecting what he has in store for them next.

4. Mir Hassan’s latest release “Subhana Rabbi Al Aala.”

Mir Hassan Mir, a well-known Noha reciter, has charmed his fans and admirers yet again with his latest release, “Subhana Rabbi Al Aala.” Since the month of Ashura has arrived. Which is why, the Noahs are taking the longest and most views by the audience! This week saw the release of the heart-touching Noha, which is currently capturing listeners’ hearts all around the world. That is to say, the profound themes of devotion and spirituality are brought to life by Mir Hassan Mir’s strong and passionate voice in combination with his remarkable storytelling ability. Meanwhile “Subhana Rabbi Al Aala” is a poignant homage that adds to Mir Hassan Mir’s distinguished discography with its meaningful words and melodious production. Consequently, this Noha solidifies Mir Hassan Mir’s status as the genre’s master thanks to its profoundly emotional lines and entrancing melodies. He continues to move listeners with his sorrowful compositions. It is on #17 trending with 178k views in just a single day.


In conclusion, this week’s best local music articles have offered an enthralling look into the dynamic and always-changing music scene of our city. These stories demonstrate the enormous ability and passion that flourish in our Country. From the birth of outstanding indie bands to the success of local performers on national stages. As a result, we discovered that music is a potent force that unites people, and forges relationships. It also reflects the distinctive personality of our town. As we investigated the numerous genres, venues, and projects that contribute to the uniqueness of our local music scene. To sum up, supporting and promoting local performers helps the music scene develop and thrive, guaranteeing that it will last for years to come.

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Sheikh Abdullah

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