How to Choose Top KYC AML Solutions Provider in 2023 through Comparison

Top KYC AML Solutions Provider

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, having strong Know your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance is critical for businesses. In this blog, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of some of the top KYC/AML solution providers in 2023, giving you the information you need to make decisions that fulfill the organization’s needs and legal requirements.

What Is KYC AML Software?

AML software helps organizations in the prevention, detection, investigation, and reporting of suspicious activity related to money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud. It is an essential component of an organization’s AML compliance efforts, enabling sophisticated real-time business analytics. The effective AML software employs simple and robust rules, as well as human intelligence, to detect suspicious transactions. It can integrate data from other sources and streamline research and monitoring processes, such as adverse media analysis and the identification of politically exposed persons (PEPs).

Top KYC AML solution Providers in 2023

We are going to present top KYC AML solution providers & vendors meticulously assessed based on various factors. These include general statistics, KYC web and mobile journey, document verification testing, country coverage, language support, accuracy, speed, customer support, data retention, compliance, integration capabilities, and pricing.

Shufti Pro:

  • SHUFTIRPO specializes in artificial intelligence-powered risk assessment and regulatory compliance solutions.
  • Key Features are advanced transaction monitoring, real-time risk scoring, and a dynamic compliance rule engine allowing businesses to effectively manage and mitigate AML risks.
  • It has the highest Trust Pilot score, a free trial, AML, KYI, and KYB, verification types, and a broad range of documents, countries, and languages covered.
  • Excellent rating for KYC web and mobile journeys.
  • Shufti Pro has an easy-to-use interface and features that are beneficial to merchant developers, compliance teams, and product teams.
  • High precision for both original and counterfeit documents.
  • Direct communication results in a response time of 2-3 hours.
  • Supports most integration methods with SDKs, PHP, Node, Javascript, etc.
  • Major compliance and security standards are met.
  • Pricing is open: Startup – $1,250 one-time setup fee; Enterprise – $4,500 one-time setup fee


  • Jumio provides cutting-edge identity verification solutions based on artificial intelligence, biometrics, and computer vision technology
  • Key features include facial recognition, document verification, and liveness detection, all of which contribute to a smooth and secure user experience during the identity verification process.
  • Supports AML with datasets and ongoing AML, OCR, and verification types
  • It only supports five different languages.
  • Excellent rating for KYC web and mobile journeys.
  • The Jumio dashboard is difficult to use, but it offers advanced customization options.
  • High precision in counterfeit document testing
  • Response time is 2-4 days.
  • Only a few major integrations and integration facilities are supported. For more information,
  • Major compliance and security standards are met.
  • Pricing is $1.7 per verification with no setup fees.


  • Sumsub is primarily concerned with comprehensive identity verification and compliance automation.
  • Key features include KYC workflow management, face comparison, and video KYC capabilities, which streamline the onboarding process while ensuring AML compliance.
  • Customizable KYC, KYB, KYT, and AML solutions with moderate Trust Pilot score
  • 14-day free trial
  • 220+ countries and 30+ languages are supported.
  • Excellent rating for KYC web and mobile journeys.
  • Sumsub’s back office features are beneficial to merchants.
  • Original document verification with high accuracy.
  • 15-20 minutes during EST office hours.
  • Methods of integration include Angular, Flutter, Java, and others.
  • Open Pricing


  • TRULIO provides complete AML and KYC solutions for financial institutions and fintech firms.
  • Key features include enhanced due diligence, PEP and sanctions screening, and risk scoring.
  • AML screening and AML for business solutions
  • It supports ten countries.
  • Average KYC mobile and the web journey
  • High acceptance of genuine documents versus low acceptance of fakes.
  • Excellent support with a resolution time of 2-3 hours.
  • Methods of integration include iOS, Android, PHP, Flutter, NodeJS, and others.
  • Multiple pricing plans and low setup fees are available.
  • Meets compliance and security standards, but falls short on some key verification attributes.


  • IDNOW is a company that specializes in remote identity verification using video identification and eID services.
  • Key features include video identification, eID integration, and secure data storage.
  • Supports major AML solutions, and verification methods with extended support and 195 countries and 5 languages.
  • Good support with 2-4 hours response time
  • Meets major security standards and verification attributes but only some compliance standards.


  • Onfido uses machine learning and facial biometrics to provide seamless identity verification and user experience.
  • Key features include facial recognition, document verification, and anti-spoofing measures.
  • All AML features, low Trust Pilot score, and limited document support
  • Supports over 195 countries
  • Excellent KYC web and mobile journeys
  • The back office of Onfido is simple to use.
  • High precision on fake testing documents
  • Response time of 2-3 hours with knowledgeable support
  • Only a few major integrations and integration facilities are supported.
  • Only yearly and monthly plans with high setup fees are supported.
  • Meets the majority of compliance and security standards and has significant verification capabilities.


  • It provides AI-powered identity verification solutions for a wide range of industries, including finance and the sharing economy.
  • Document verification, biometric checks, and fraud detection algorithms are among the key features.
  • The longest free trial period and the most document accessibility, but it lacks features such as Ongoing AML, AML for business, KYB, KYT, and so on.
  • Excellent KYC web and mobile journeys
  • Backoffice is a little difficult to use
  • Good counterfeit document testing.
  • The average response time is 2-3 days.
  • Significant integrations with SDKs, PHP, Node, Javascript, and so on.
  • Various pricing options
  • Major compliance and security standards are met, and major verification attributes are present.


  • It provides comprehensive identity verification solutions with an emphasis on data privacy and security.
  • Key Features: Identity proofing, document authentication, and compliance reporting.
  • AML and KYB solutions for businesses
  • Excellent KYC mobile journey
  • The UI/UX is out of date, and the system is difficult to use.
  • Response time of 2-3 hours with knowledgeable support
  • Although it has excellent documentation, its KYC module lacks major integration methods and facilities.
  • $500 monthly setup fee
  • Major compliance and security standards, as well as verification attributes, require significant improvement.

Other top KYC AML solution providers are GBG, IDscan, Passbase, Ondate, and Au10tix. Their detailed comparison is available on Top KYC AML Providers & Software Vendors.


In the realm of KYC verification, it’s important to understand how the software works and find solutions that suit your company’s needs. This article aims to be an informative guide, shedding light on the fundamentals of KYC AML checks.
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