Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve Linksys Router Red Light Issue

Coming across the Linksys router red light issue has become quite common these days. Half of the time, users face this issue because of their carelessness. Due to this, they face issues while accessing the Linksys router login IP address. Unlike them, if you have been careful while handling your networking device and still got stuck with this issue, then you ought to read the troubleshooting tips outlined further in this article.

Prior to that, read these reasons and learn why the LED on your networking device is red:

  • The networking or Ethernet cable used to connect the Linksys router to the modem has bite marks on it or has gotten worn out over time.
  • The existence of technical glitches is forcing the LED light, be it WiFi or Power to blink red and causing worry lines on your poor forehead.
  • Bluetooth speakers and similar electronic devices at your home are messing around with the signals of your device thereby preventing the LED on it from turning green.
  • The last reason why you are reading this article is because you did not set up or configure your Linksys router properly.

Now, the time has come for you to learn how to troubleshoot the issue at hand. Read on.

[Resolved] Linksys Router Red Light Issue

1.      Restart the Linksys WiFi Router

You should know that rebooting or restarting can solve a multitude of problems. If there is some kind of technical glitch that is preventing your device from functioning properly, a simple restart is enough to send it back on its way home.

You can restart your device by turning it off, waiting for an adequate amount of time, and then, turning on the device. Now, try to access the Linksys router login page and check if you can fix the Linksys router red light issue.

2.      Power Cycle All the WiFi Devices

Although the above-mentioned troubleshooting tip will help you put an end to the router red light issue, by any chance, if it does not, then you should consider power cycling your modem, computer, or any other connected devices along with the router.

Wondering what the term power cycle means? Well, it is just a synonym for restart. So, this means that you need to restart all your connected devices. Once done, check again if the LED on your router has turned solid green. Did you still get no luck?

3.      Check the Recent Cable Connection

As mentioned earlier that improper cable connections can also force the LED light on your Linksys router to blink red. To prevent them from causing any more technical issues for you, ensure that the cable connections are tight.

Apart from this, the cables should not be worn out nor should the ports located on the devices be damaged. In case, this does not work for you, then you should consider connecting the devices using another medium, i.e. wireless.

4.      Reset the Linksys Wireless Router

Did all the tips outlined above fail to pull you out of the mess that you are in right now? Well then, it is a sign that you ought to reset or restore your networking device to its default factory mode or settings.

To execute the process, you need to press the Reset button found on the back of the router and hold on for a minimum of 30 seconds. Now, you may install or configure the device from scratch via the default web address, which is linksyssmartwifi.

Summing Up

Putting an end to the Linksys router red light issue is quite an uncomplicated task. But, still, a lot of users get their knickers in a twist when it comes to troubleshooting it. Assuming that you are one of them, we hope that the information mentioned above helped you out. In case it did, then you may share your feedback with your fellow readers by putting the comment section given below to use.

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