Nova Post Advent schedule. UX/UI Design and Holiday 3D Decorations


Immerse yourself in the festive spirit of the season and feel the good vibes of Christmas with this case study. The advent calendar we created for Nova Post features unique 3D illustrations and is both functional and festive. Allow us to provide you with a brief overview of it. Embrace the experience!

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Customer and Project

When it comes to logistics and associated services, Nova Post, a prominent Ukrainian postal and courier company, uses cutting-edge methods and technology. As part of their holiday marketing campaign, the tubik team created a colorful and lively advent calendar full of deals and discounts. Designing user interfaces and user experiences, graphics, 3D artwork, and animation were all part of the job description.

Sergii Valiukh, Ernest Asanov, and Valeriia Bondarieva were members of the tubik side’s creative team.

Methods and Results of the Design

The Nova Post advent calendar was an annual marketing event that took place in December. As part of the campaign, partners of the company would offer discounts and special deals to customers who used digital products from Nova Post. This campaign echoed the idea of a traditional advent calendar, in which a user opens a box or pocket each day to reveal a treat, by partnering with numerous well-known brands and services across the nation to offer users a different option from each brand every day.

While maintaining a constant and identifiable visual connection with the popular postal service’s overall brand style, we had to create a calendar that was lively, attractive, playful, and engaging. In addition, there had to be consistent and balanced integration of the identities of the varied partners who participated and shared their deals and discounts through the calendar.

Since the company’s products are used by a diverse audience on a variety of devices, it was also crucial to ensure that the calendar would display properly across all devices.

Therefore, this project’s principal design responsibilities were:

envisioning the calendar’s user interface
making an extensive collection of 3D images to represent each day of the advent calendar developing visually appealing interface animations and 3D animations

There are a variety of user-friendly layouts to choose from, and the UI was made to be easy to understand and use. Also, think about how it would fit in with the overall aesthetic and functionality of Nova Post’s products; that was one of the main goals. Therefore, in order to establish a consistent and immediate visual association with Nova Post, the interface and graphics make use of brand graphics, object rounding and shapes style, and colors from the brand family.


The illustrations are the main feature that sets the mood for Christmas and conveys the theme of winter holidays right from the start. There was a huge gallery of 3D images that reflected the theme of gifts and e-commerce and echoed all the well-known things associated with Christmas, including a Christmas tree, cookies, reindeer, Santa Claus hat, candles, bells, ornaments, candy canes, toys, snowman, and so on. Each daily offer had its own illustration. Interactions became even more vibrant and emotive with the help of sleek, visually appealing animation.

Users had an aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and unforgettable experience, and the client received effective design support for their marketing campaign concept and execution.



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