What are Rigid Boxes? Explain Its Uses and Advantages in Packaging Industry

Rigid Boxes

‘Wow’, ‘splendid’, and ‘marvelous are some remarks we all love to listen from our customers. Packaging urges customers to acknowledge us by such remarks . Do you really want your clients to pat your back and become addicted to using the product after getting impressed by its visuals? If yes, let the cat come out of the box, give this article a read till the end, and learn ways to spark your business, by just knowing about a type of packaging-the rigid boxes.

Reveling the mystery, there is good news for all business owners, nonetheless their financial status. Well, we are talking about custom rigid boxes, they are tools to make business easier for all. It can help you present your products in a way the customers would love to see. It can be used for fulfilling many purposes and help you get tons of advantages as well.

What Are Custom Rigid Boxes?

In the packaging industry, there are usually three types of packaging used for wrapping, protecting, and marketing products: cardboard packaging, rigid packaging, and corrugated packaging. Another name interchangeably used for rigid boxes is set up boxes, referring to their existence at stores with the product they contain. They usually hold the end item that is ready to sell or luxury items in shops such as laptops, jewelry, cosmetics, and many others.

These boxes do not need to be assembled before using in a commercial setting; instead, they always come in 3D form or pre-assembled, having a special place for your product. Even during transportation, you cannot make them flat, they usually require large cartons for traveling in bulk quantities.

Uses of Custom Rigid Boxes:

Happiness is finding your ‘the most wanted’ products in a box that itself is created to cherishing you. Yes, among all benefits of custom rigid boxes, their use in wrapping gifts is the most underrated. Additionally, selling high-prices or of course high-quality products extravagantly, is also another use of these rigid or set-up boxes. Among all types of available packaging types, rigid box packaging, is the strongest type-often made up of glass, hard plastic, cardboard, or other flexible as well as malleable material.

The glass rigid boxes are useful for giving high-finish to liquid and semi-solid products such as beverages and liquid foundations or cosmetic products. While the hard plastic boxes hold luxurious items such as couture collection, designer foot wares, and other luxurious accessories. The use of these rigid plastic boxes is limited, if not created with eco-friendly material. Last but not least is the high-quality cardboard boxes-the most popular retailer’s choice, used as a deluxe material in the packaging industry. From the blue diamond to the Shumukh- a sophisticated scent, everything is mostly packed in cardboard rigid boxes-known as an excellent alluring packaging material.

All in all, the uses of custom rigid boxes are so diverse, so instead of getting confused about how you can use them in the best way, you must seek an expert’s help. Just fill in the instant quote at My Box Packaging and get the best-ever rigid boxes wholesale or for retail settings. They know what you actually need and help you choose only the box that helps you stand taller in the crowd.

Advantages of Custom Rigid Boxes in the Packaging Industry:

Just like the uses, the advantages of custom rigid boxes are also not limited. You can wider your business scope by simply knowing some of these advantages. So, take a look!

1) Its thickness makes it possible to travel large distances:

Mostly the thickness of rigid boxes is approximately 2-3 mm- but the thickness can be increased on demand. When compared with cardboard boxes, a thicker sheath of material makes it more sturdy and tough. Basically, the thickness of a material is its quality as it never lets the box collapse easily, so is a perfect match to give extra protection to your products.

2) They can easily be customized:

Customized options are available all the time, especially for those who are not satisfied with the pre-made boxes not fulfilling the requirements of their product. Though made up of thick sheaths of material, they still can be customized in terms of material thickness, size, density, and of course shapes and designs. Offset printing, coating, embossing, debossing, and lamination with great designs, colors, and graphics can give your box deluxe appeal.

3) They give a luxurious appeal to your products:

Just like the strength of a chain is measured by the strength of its weakest chain, likewise the quality of a custom rigid box is guessed by the finishing of craft paper and lamination at corners or edges. If it’s not tearing, and detaching from any end, it will be considered a prestige. Highly-refined quality boxes allow customers to judge the quality of the products, if designed properly, raised the product’s market value.

4) They maintain brand positive reputation:

When the printing, coloring, and customization of your product boxes are carefully done from the rigid box manufacturers’ side, it will help you create a sense of professionalism- necessary to win customers’ trust. The presence of your logo, name, and other brand information all collectively work for creating a consistent brand image.

5) They protect the material inside it more than any other packaging material:

The best part of a custom rigid box is its ability to give protection for a better user experience. It protects luxury items from getting damaged by any sudden fall, deformation by high pressure, and electric sparks by moisture.

6) They can easily be repurposed:

Repurposing your cardboard rigid boxes will be a fun. It excites children of every age to craft things to manage the surrounding mess including extra buttons, small toys, keys, small jewelry items, and other small but important things. Simply, later on, you can store the original item in the cupboards or use it to make organizers for other materials.

 Final Thoughts:

Well, we can conclude the discussion by restating that a custom rigid box can help you level up your business. It’s a bit expensive, but you can customize them to fit in your pockets. So, don’t waste a minute and switch to the most facilitating and trendiest option for packaging in 2023.



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