What Budget For a Good Laptop?

Laptops are very popular among professionals and individuals alike. Small, chunky, and powerful, now we can delegate all our tasks to classic computers. while still being able to take them with us everywhere You can find more or less available models depending on the use. So let’s see how to choose the right one and the right type for each type of use.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article You can skip to the summary where we provide a table of price ranges based on usage.

Identify Your Needs And Uses Before Buying a Laptop

Before buying a Good laptop It’s important to consider your needs and usage. This will help you to choose the right equipment for future use.

First, ask yourself which laptop is right for you. What do you do with it? It is important to clarify these aspects and know the needs of everyone who will use this device.

If you need a laptop for work You may want a powerful model with a good battery. and long battery life For presentations, training, or meetings Having a good communicator is always helpful. Gaming laptops tend to be heavier and bulkier. But it tends to be more powerful as it is equipped with a graphics card with higher processing power than a regular laptop. Finally, The classic model offers some interesting compromises in price and features. And the budget will change depending on the options you are looking for.

Once you’ve decided on the type of laptop you want. Think about screen size. Laptops typically have screens between 13 and 17 inches. A 13-inch screen makes them portable due to their smaller chassis. Models of this size often have airy keyboards. Sometimes there is a full numeric keypad. This is an option often preferred by beginners or those who enter large numbers.

After selecting the screen size think about detail (often related to (but not always) Screen resolution affects image quality. Laptops are usually 1080p (recommended minimum) or 1440p, sometimes even more on more expensive models. Apple’s MacBooks with Retina displays are truly astonishingly accurate. And it has become more affordable since the launch of the M1 chip.

Once you’ve decided on the screen resolution. Think about the performance of your laptop. Laptops usually have Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors, although the processor model is important. But the processor model is just as important. So please check the processor model while purchasing. If it’s a very old version This should be taken into account when comparing different models.

Independence is very important. But it is difficult to trust the values declared by the manufacturer. This is often an inflated value. Therefore, it should be slightly reduced to achieve true runtime. It largely depends on the action you take on the device.

Storage space should also be considered when choosing. Most laptops these days come with SSD hard drives. These small but powerful hard drives can add up to short notes. If your storage exceeds 512 GB, 256 GB is more than enough for you if you don’t. Plan to store a large number of files, videos, or photos.

What is The Budget For a Classic Laptop For Office Automation And The Internet?

when choosing a laptop You will often face a wide range of prices. Therefore, it is important to note that the classic laptop budget is suitable for office automation and Internet use.

Laptops can generally be found for 120,000 rupees. These types of computers are generally sufficient for office automation and the Internet. However, it is important to choose a laptop with a good processor, good RAM, and good storage. We recommend you choose a Core i5 with at least 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB hard drive. But it’s even better if it can be used for a few years before it becomes obsolete.

If you’re not in a hurry For less than 150,000 rupees, brands like Lenovo, Huawei, Acer or Asus often offer entry-level and high-end models.

If you need a powerful laptop that can take you further. You’ll need to increase your budget.

Mid-Range Laptop Finding The Best Value

If you want to go one step further with your computer, here it is:

  • Photo/video editing
  • Open other apps/tabs. in your browser
  • occasional work video conferencing screen sharing

And do not forget to do it all at the same time with smoothness will have to choose more strength. The processor and memory will be important here. It was necessary to focus on more powerful machines and new components. Budgets will range between 226,000 and 300,000 rupees. 

We all recommend that you check the brands Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, and Dell from time to time for big discounts. If you use more than one Mac, then buying a MacBook Air might be a good idea. too some very good models are just equipped with Apple chips for less than 300,000 rupees.

Within this range, some devices may be able to play certain games, however, if gaming is your primary purchase purpose, You will turn to a gaming laptop.

What Is Your Budget For a Gaming Laptop?

Again, be careful not to fall for the first promotion that comes along. Manufacturers are well aware that the word “game” is discounted and are not shy about exploiting it. Fortunately, that’s not all. But some devices labeled “Game” may disappoint you. 

It’s not limited to the design of these computers and the thorough examination of the components. For us, laptops under 300,000 rupees will not be able to play all video games. For 300,000 rupees you can play the latest games. But don’t enjoy all the graphical details.

If you want to play comfortably on your laptop A reasonable budget would be around 600,000 rupees under these conditions. You can enjoy games at 120 or even 144 frames per second in 4K resolution with a good level of detail. Plus, it gives you all the storage you need for today’s ever-growing games.

Summary of Laptop Price Ranges

Type Usage

Budget Minimum

Budget Advised

Bureautique, internet, streaming

120,000 rupees 

181,000 rupees

advanced user

226,000 rupees

300,000 rupees

Professional computer

453,000 rupees

1,208,000 rupees

Ordinateur gaming

300,000 rupees

600,000 rupees


When Buying a New Smartphone or Laptop is no Longer Relevant.

In the past few years, More and more French people have kept our electronic devices longer. And if for several years it was more profitable to buy a new one than to repair it or buy a used one, today this is no longer the case. and with good reason, Smartphone and laptop repair technicians and experts, therefore, offer cheaper repair rates.

For example, if you go to this website https://letempsduncafe.net You will see that some packages or prices are much cheaper than before. meanwhile, Repair companies have access to components. easier with separate display diagrams Make product repairs easier and faster. 

You will be able to restore your smartphone, laptop, or electronic device at home without having to buy a new product. Moreover, you are simply doing it for the benefit of the environment and the well-being of our planet by avoiding the release of toxic gas

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