What Curriculum Is Taught In UAE & How To Select The Right Curriculum

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There are many 100 private schools in UAE, offering curricula from all across the world. Among the most famous options contain the British curriculum, from the initial basic stage to GCSE and A level. There are others American, Australian, French, and Indian. Since the main curriculum available in the UAE is British and American and IB. There are as well tons of other choices thus if the big 3 are not suitable for you then you need to do your research.

Hence the choices are constant if you want to select from a certain fee structure or specific curricula. Below are the top 5 curricula that are provided in the UAE. Thus that you are better prepared to create the right choice for your kid’s future.

  1. American Curriculum

So this is the first curriculum and it does not lock kids into a system in which they follow up to grade 10 or 11. Since students are encouraged to study plenty of subjects up to the university level. As well the curricula are less organized for in-depth study. Hence the students are helping with a large range of co-curricular events which make sure they have the chance to grow as persons.

Even so, there is no consistent core curricula observation. Since it is flexible and many states obey their own program.  There are no exams which are known as ‘’sudden death’’. Because the curricula are focused on daily ratings rather than all over the year.


  • Students may have no trouble transferring into and out of US schools in Dubai
  • Any students may repeat the course if they fail in exam
  • There are constant ratings that support students to ease tension from facing key problems.


  • Since there is no regular performance monitoring on students, the US curriculum might usually from state to state.
  • Because it is less geared toward in-depth education as compared to other curricula.
  1. British Curriculum

Thus students are motivated to think for themselves, create choices, and tell others. As well students obtain experience in taking responsivity for their own activities and choices. The British. So the British curricula are split into a sum of year chunks. That is known as the Key Stages. Also, the initial years Base stage contains preschoolers. It provides an outline of the learning, growth, and care of kids in the initial stage of their lives. Hence it contains teaching and helping staff in child care centers and nurseries.


  • Students study for qualifications that are well-known all across the globe.
  • Since the curricula are strictly regulated with the few British Government standards which schools in the UK are subject to.


  • The latest reports suggest their marking standards might have fallen over.
  1. Australian Curriculum  

This curriculum is based upon the theory which all students may learn and as well the needs of all students are as well vital. So this belief lets top expectations become set for all students such as the teacher’s version for the levels of learning of every student. Thus the goal of this approach is to grow the main skills in students in order to become successful. As well qualified people when they go to their practical lives.

Hence the curricula as well offer students plenty of academic choices. And the learning is holistic, with a powerful academic element. And when they obtain qualifications in Australian schools are widely accepted all across the world.


  • Because the standards are high and as well the curriculum is general with a rich academic element. As well it is recognized worldwide.
  • Hence it is a wide curriculum with many choices to offer.


  • The only cons of this curriculum are the selection of schools in UAE is restricted.

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  1. French Curriculum

So this curriculum obeys the program of study which is created by the French Ministry of National Education. The curricula offer reading and writing, skill and every so often a foreign language, and also inventive events. Hence the primary school contains five classes aged 6 to 11. So the French primary school curricula contain literacy, and numeracy with classes in French, arithmetic, geography, arts, and others.

  • The curricula are analyzed at the expense of the French Taxpayer; thus the French government takes a strong interest in academic values.
  • Even so, French colleges are a good choice for students from the age of 11 to 15. But the choices are restricted in UAE.
  1. Indian Curriculum

There are two options for the Indian Curriculum in UAE. The central board of secondary education (CBSE). And the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Both of these curricula options are top standards and as well very tough for students.

So the CBSE is regarded extra systematic style, with syllabi split into segments teach all over the year. This style lets the students balance the many features of their studies. Thus for both systems, the academic standard is very high. The focus of this system is on core subjects like math, languages, and sciences.

  • Since the academic standard is really top class
  • There are many efforts on these core subjects
  • Hence the curricula are very rough because plenty of factual info need to remember.
  • The reliance on exams implies there is less effort in learning problem-solving skills.

In the end,

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), national educational objectives and ideals are often reflected in the teaching curriculum. Arabic language, Islamic studies, arithmetic, physics, social studies, and English language are among the many topics it covers. The curriculum also places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, character development, and technology integration to provide students the information and abilities they need to succeed in a world that is changing quickly. I hope that you now complete understanding of what curriculum is teaching in UAE and how it currently operates. And what is the right one for you? Just remember to read the pros and cons as well before selecting the right one for you.



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