What is Short Term Individual Health Insurance Plan

As the saying goes, “precaution is better than cure,” having adequate healthcare insurance coverage must be treated as a non-negotiable necessity. It protects individuals and their loved ones from the financial burdens accompanying healthcare crises and accidents.


However, getting an adequate health policy depends on the individual’s budget. Thus, the key lies in finding the right healthcare insurance plan that aligns with one’s specific requirements. This can be challenging for many. Therefore, this article will explore a unique type of health insurance individual plan known as short-term individual healthcare insurance. Read this article to know about the same.  

What is Short-Term Individual Healthcare Insurance?

Short-term best health insurance policy for individuals serves as a brief and temporary healthcare solution, lasting from a few months up to a year. It’s designed for those in need of short-duration coverage. These plans provide a swift and efficient way to secure health protection for a temporary period when the need arises.

What are the Benefits of a Short-Term Individual Healthcare Insurance?

Short-term health individual insurance offers several benefits, making it a viable option for certain situations. Some of them are: 

1. Affordability

Short-term healthcare plans offer a budget-friendly alternative to long-term plans. This affordability factor makes them an appealing choice for individuals who have limited financial resources or require temporary coverage.

2. Quick Enrollment

Short-term plans usually have a simplified and faster enrollment process. Policyholders can usually get coverage within a few days, making it a convenient choice when immediate healthcare coverage is required.

3. No Hassle of Porting 

If one is unsatisfied with the terms and coverage of the short-term individual healthcare plan, one does not have to wait for the policy to expire and then switch to a new insurance company. One can quickly switch to another insurance company without the hassle of porting it.   

4. Customisable 

These plans are customisable coverage, allowing policyholders to choose deductibles, coverage limits, and optional add-ons as per their needs and budget. This flexibility ensures individuals get the specific protection they require while managing costs effectively.

What is the Coverage Under a Short-Term Individual Healthcare Insurance?

The coverage under a short-term health insurance individual plan will vary depending on the individual’s chosen plan. However, most short-term healthcare insurance covers the following:

1. Emergency Hospital Visits

Short-term plans include coverage for emergency hospital visits, ensuring that policyholders are financially protected in critical medical situations. This coverage includes emergency room care, surgeries, and inpatient treatment expenses. 

2. Certain Prescription Medications

Short-term insurance includes a formulary that lists prescription medications covered under the plan. Policyholders can receive medications listed on the formulary at a reduced cost or with a copayment, depending on the plan’s terms. It’s essential to carefully go through the formulary to understand which medications are covered.

3. Doctor’s Appointments 

Short-term insurance covers doctor’s appointments for illnesses or injuries unrelated to pre-existing conditions. This coverage allows individuals to seek medical care and consultations for various health concerns.

4. Preventive Care

Many short-term plans offer coverage for preventive care, essential for maintaining overall health and preventing potential health issues. This coverage includes annual physical examinations, vaccinations, screenings, and wellness check-ups. Preventive care coverage encourages individuals to proactively manage their health and detect potential health concerns early when they are more treatable and less costly.


Short-term healthcare insurance individual plans are a valuable addition to the healthcare industry. These plans are a crucial bridge to protect you when you need temporary coverage.

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