What to pack when studying abroad in USA

Student apartments San Jose

San Jose is perfect for travellers in every way. The city features a zoo, museums, wineries, a thriving performing arts scene, and approximately 16,000 acres of parkland. Universities like San Jose State University and Santa Clara University are located in the city. Student housing in San Jose is close to many universities.

The city offers a variety of housing options for students. The options for student apartments San Jose consist of:

  • On-campus accommodation
  • Off-campus accommodation
  • Private rentals
  • Shared apartments
  • Homestay

One of the best experiences a college student can have is studying abroad. Students who learn outside of their own environment have the chance to experience different cultures, travel, and discover new interests.

Without a question, getting ready to study abroad as a student may be difficult (and intimidating! ), so we’ve put up a list of what to pack, what to dress, and what NOT to take. In this article, we’ll go over what to pack for studying abroad, including the necessities you’ll need to take, the outfits you should bring, and even the things you should leave behind.

No matter where your study abroad adventures lead you, it should be a terrific starting place!

Essential to pack

You definitely don’t want to forget any of the following. In fact, you should pack only the items on your list of necessities in your carry-on bag rather than checking a bag, just in case your airline misplaces it or if a luggage thief is at large.

Passport and visa, along with photocopies!

It’s likely that you’ll need to bring your passport with you if you’re leaving your home country to attend school abroad. You must apply for a visa in advance for the majority of countries that offer study abroad programmes, so do so before you even begin packing.

Having copies of your passport and visa is a smart idea in case they are misplaced. Make sure to keep the photocopies and the originals in different locations. 

Important documents

If you’re wondering what to pack for study abroad, your passport is not the only identity document you’ll need to bring. In fact, it’s not even the most necessary one.

Power adapter universal

No matter the nation, the outlets in your new flat or hostel will probably be different from those in your own country. This universal adapter should work well for your needs because it contains two USB ports and integrated fuse protection. It functions in over 100 well-liked nations and is covered by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Quick dry travel towel  

One of the most useful tools in your arsenal for packing is a towel. This one dries 10 times more quickly than cotton and will be useful to you throughout your travels as a packing cushion, seat cover, drying cloth, and much more. One of the most absorbent microfibers we’ve found, it packs up like a feather.

Snacks made at home

My stomach had a difficult time adjusting to my new Thai diet the last time I traveled. For the first several weeks, I resisted trying the local food and yearned for anything “normal” to eat as a snack. Bring some granola bars, crackers, or any other easy snacks with you in case this occurs to help you get through the changeover period.


Foreign pharmacies can be challenging to navigate! Not to mention, it was too expensive! Pack your essentials from home and stock up on vitamins, Advil, cough drops, anti-nausea medications, and cold cures because many of your familiar items won’t be accessible abroad and the product selection can be radically different (and frequently in another language). Before you depart, be sure to request from your doctor a 6-month supply of any prescription prescriptions!

The local money

Today, Visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere. Even so, it’s a good idea to have some local currency on hand. This can be done through airport vending machines, foreign exchange desks, and private money exchange firms. There are also foreign currency cards and traveler’s checks available.

Required personal products

Understanding the need of personal hygiene is essential, especially while studying abroad. Many first-year students who have never left the country may be shocked by western standards of hygiene. In addition, many brands sold in India might not be offered in the US, and vice versa. Therefore, it is always best to pack personal care goods that have become a part of your routine when visiting the United States.

Study Accessories for Students

In any bigger process, the sometimes-overlooked smaller elements matter. The same can apply to stationery items bought while studying in the US. Do you remember how in India you never worried about losing a small marker? After you come to the United States for additional schooling, that won’t work.

Lightweight Backpack

Without this one, you won’t leave the house. When you’re headed to class, a sturdy rucksack like this one can accommodate your computer and notebooks. In contrast to a purse or laptop bag, it will help you stay organised and balance the weight on your back. It’s perfect for weekend getaways and is allowed as a carry-on for flights!

The Grand- A feature rich student housing community

One block from the San Jose State University (SJSU) campus, The Grad San Jose is a 19-story, mixed-use structure that offers 260 units/1,039 beds of off-campus student housing on a 1.5-acre plot. With building services and student amenities located on the first three levels, double-height ground floor retail and residences on the upper 17 storeys.

Three lifts, a 1,200-square-foot management office, high-speed WiFi throughout the entire building, student common rooms, bike storage for up to 575 bicycles, and a bicycle repair shop are all features of the building.


Planning ahead of time for your study abroad experience in the United States is critical to ensure a successful and rewarding adventure. Packing the correct goods, from important paperwork to personal comforts, will assist you in adjusting to a new environment smoothly. As you go on this transforming journey, keep in mind the local culture, weather, and your personal needs. Your trip to the United States will be more memorable and gratifying if you prepare ahead of time. Best wishes!



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