Why Is The Notion All-in-One Solution for Dissertation Writing?

Dissertation Writing

Want to use a tool that allows you to create filters to sort out the relevant articles for your dissertation writing? The Notion got you – all your needs will be addressed instantly!

The customisable features, note-taking tools, and planning plus writing facilities help the students write their dissertations in the perfect manner. It is highly helpful for students working on large academic documents, such as research papers and dissertations.

Let’s gain further insight into the platform and learn how it can be used for flawless dissertation writing.

Why is Notion Considered a One-Stop Solution in Dissertation Writing?

Wondering about what Notion is and how does it help in dissertation writing? It is a single online space where you can brainstorm, plan and write. You can use the space to pen down your thoughts and ideas, manage several projects, and organise the dissertation.

The best thing about using Notion for dissertation writing is that it helps you customise your writing the way you want. Want the best dissertation help? Make an account on Notion!

Six View Layouts in Notion

Notion offers several layout options (called “Views”), which let you view and interact with your data in different ways. Each view helps you see the data through a number of groupings, filters, and sort options.

On each page of your work during dissertation writing, you can create multiple views. You can also set unique filters for such views and seamlessly move through them.

The views let you zoom out and see your data all at once. It can also create a filtered view, which can zoom in on one information source.

1. Board View

The board view of Notion organises the key entries into a Kanban-style board with cards. The cards in this board can be easily moved by drag-and-drop method.

2. Table View

This view is more like a standard spreadsheet that has multiple data entries. The data entries are organised into different columns and rows. You can manage the nature of the information you display and set all the formulas by clicking the header row.

This view allows you to customise the information display options by providing you with multiple editing options.

3. Timeline View

The timeline view of Notion is beneficial in dissertation writing as it displays the data entries with complete details. With the date information of all such entries, you can see the timeline of your work.

4. List View

When you write a dissertation, you will have to include the information in the form of different lists. The list view of Notion allows you to see the data entries in the form of a simple list.

5. Calendar View

As evident from the name, the calendar view lets you see the entries with the complete information of the dates as in a calendar. Using this view option, you can keep track of accomplished and scheduled work.

6. Gallery View

If you want to see the display entries in the form of a grid of photos and media, use this view of Notion. The gallery view allows the readers to see the pages in grids – this is best for viewing the pages that contain visual elements.

How Can You Collect Research Data Using Notion?

When you need help with dissertation, make your account at Notion – it can also help you with finding your research data. You can call Notion a flexible and relational database that is perfectly suited for gathering your research material.

The data page of this platform has several template entries for the following:

  • Primary sources
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Survey questions

The best thing about using Notion for research purposes is that you can customise it further to meet your needs. If you want, you can create your own template buttons, add new columns, delete unnecessary columns, and rename the existing rows and columns.

Quick Tip:

If you frequently use Notion for collecting research data, it is advisable to create a view that filters all the sources of information. It allows you to navigate through the full view of your data and see the individual view of a specified source.

Why Use Notion for Academic Research?

Want to write a dissertation proposal that makes your work set apart from others? The Notion has made it incredibly easier for the students to do so. You can customise the tool per your needs and craft each section of your dissertation per your requirements.

Dissertation writing can become easy-breezy for you if you follow these steps:

● Create the Database

Start by creating a new page from the left menu of Notion. Enter a title, and select an icon to represent your page. Choose the Table icon under the Database option to make a new database for your scientific papers.

You can also skip these steps and use the free template available on the Notion platform.

● Notion Chrome Extension

Once you enable the Chrome extension on your website, you will easily be able to add new articles to it. Not only this but the direct link to the web page shall also be created. In your database, you get all the papers referenced in a proper manner.

● Referencing the Papers

You can easily add references in your papers directly by entering the citation source. You can also add different kinds of properties to the database. Some of such properties include texts, numbers, emails, dates, formulas, and more. The concept behind these services is very straightforward. A familiar writer would know every requirement of students and their institutes and already know how things operate

You can also buy dissertation online from a trusted service provider if you find yourself stuck while working on your dissertation.


Notion is an excellent tool for flawless dissertation writing, and if you want to manage your scientific papers in the best manner, this platform is the best. Write your papers in the way you want and improve the quality of your work.

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