Dive Into The Beauty Of Nature With The Sundarban Tour Package From Kolkata

Sundarban Tour Package From Kolkata

Home to mangrove forests and the largest tiger population, the Sundarban is known for its rich ecosystem and unparalleled natural beauty. It is one of the best attraction sites and supports a wide range of species. This place offers you numerous reasons to give it some space on your travel bucket list. A Sundarban tour package from Kolkata is the ideal one for you. This trip can free you from your daily-life struggles and bring you a refreshing and memorable experience. If such a tour has been on your waiting list for ages, now is the time for you to step out of your routine life and explore the beauty of nature with this amazing tour package.

Another factor that might add to your interest in this exclusive trip is the price range. The lush beauty and greenery of this place will be worth your time. It is one of the perfect spots to visit and step out of your busy routine life. So, read on to discover the best deals on the entire tour and the hotels in Sundarbans.

sundarban trip from kolkata

Details Of The Sundarban Tour Package From Kolkata. 

Different tour operators offer different price ranges for an exclusive journey like this one. A one-stop destination for all travel and wildlife enthusiasts, the Sundarbans has been one of the most preferable places. Many trip organizing teams keep in mind the interests of the tourists. Therefore there are several trip organizers that provide worthwhile facilities at a reasonable Sundarban tour package price. No matter what’s your budget, you will certainly find a suitable price range in which you can make the trip unforgettable.

So, if you have a strong inclination towards nature and you are willing to kickstart your journey to Sundarbans from Kolkata, read on to learn about the best deals on hotels, boat safaris, and sightseeing in Sundarbans.

Before you begin with your travel arrangements, it is better that you get the details about the Sundarban tour package price. From duration to the price range, everything must be clarified before you plan your trip. Most of the trip operators present you with a price range that includes the itinerary, your hotel stay duration, and all the other amenities.


Sundarban tour package price
Royal Bengal Tiger In Sundarban
  • Basic Three-day Tour– If you look at the basic range in which the trip is organized by top operators is around 5,000 rupees per person. This is what you most likely have to pay if you are planning to have a three-day and two nights trip. In this package, you’ll get to explore the Mangrove forests along with various species.
  • Family Tour– The top places that you will get to visit on this tour will be Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Panchmukhani, and Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary. Along with this, there could be many other sightseeing places that your guide will take you to. This family tour costs about 6,000 rupees per person. From enthralling sunrise to blissful sunsets, you will get to witness the core beauty of nature in this Sundarban tour package price. This basic family trip is for two nights and three days.
  • Luxury Tour– The Sundarban Luxury Tour is one of the most sought-after packages. If you wish to add more adventure to your trip, you can select the Luxury trip.

This package covers your boat rides, Tribal dance and music, campfire, and a lot more. The places that you will get to visit under this package include almost the same locations as you have for the family tour. This two-night and three-day tour will cost you around 7,000 rupees per person.

This is the basic Sundarban tour package price. If you wish to know about more similar tourist spots that you can visit, you must consult your trip operator.

What Are The Top Hotels In Sundarban That You Can Select For Your Tour?

To enjoy the ethereal beauty and wildlife of the Sundarbans you must not lose out on any preferences you make. This applies to the choice of your hotels as well.

You must be well aware of the best-rated hotels in Sundarban. This will help you have a pleasant trip. From proper meals to all the basic amenities, everything matters for your trip. Along with the price range, the accommodation is also class-apart for these trips. Whether you want to get a deluxe room, with or without the air-conditioner, you can select that as per your preferences.


Hotels In Sundarban
Hotels In Sundarban

Here are some of the top Sundarban hotels that you can select:

  • Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort– It is one of the best hotels to have a memorable vacation. This resort ensures a comfortable stay. This enjoyable accommodation will cost you around 5700 rupees per person.
  • Sonar Bangla– A cafe, bar, library, swimming pool, and not to forget spa. All these facilities will be available for you at this wonderful hotel. It is one of the most classy hotels in Sundarbans. The price range falls under the range of 9,000 to 10,000 rupees per person.
  • Sunderban Tiger Camp– Interested in getting WiFi and a bar in your hotel? Well, the Sunderban Tiger Camp offers you an amazing facility at the cost of 13230 rupees per person. Several other advantages like having an electric kettle and decorated room are what you are going to experience in this hotel.


Choose the best of the hotels that will add to your enjoyment on a wonderful trip like this one.

Final Thoughts

Every once in a while people look for a place to go and win over their tight work schedules and stressful life. A Sundarban tour package from Kolkata will quench your thirst not just for adventure but also for keeping away anxiety and stress. This trip will certainly broaden your perspective. The naturally healing locations will get your attention and bring you the best experience. Along with this, the trip has yet another advantage. It never fails to educate the tourists about wildlife, and different species. So, don’t miss out on the breathtaking views of Sundarbans. Get ready for this amazing trip, and plan your trip with Sundarban Tours if you haven’t already.



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