How to Choose a Quality Ruby stone

Ruby Gemstone (Manik)

Ruby is thought to be inspired by the Latin term “Rub Rum,” which means “red stone.” Beautiful genuine rubies are among the most popular red stones of all time, having been treasured and wanted for centuries. They are in high demand in the worldwide gemstone market due to their natural beauty and deep red tint. Both the sapphire and ruby gemstones are members of the corundum mineral family. Ruby, also known as Manik stone, has exceptional endurance and hardness, making it a great gemstone not just for a special occasion such as your wedding.

But also for everyday wear and nighttime gatherings. This natural precious stone has a Moh’s hardness of 9 and a refractive index of 1.765 and a specific gravity of 3.99. Because of the addition of chromium oxide, it has a dark red hue. The combination of chromium and aluminum oxide gives it its dark red hue.

Aside from its timeless beauty, Natural Ruby Stone carries the power and blessings of the Sun. This Supernatural Gemstone of the Sun will now have a very high status in the realm of astrology. Famous sagas and astrologers have believed in Manik Ratna’s cosmic energies from the beginning of time. This July Birthstone is widely sought after across the world due to its natural beauty, dazzling sparkle, and excellent healing properties. Aside from the sun sign Leo, Manik is best suited to persons born in July.

Because ruby is one of the most beautiful and powerful gemstones on the planet, it fetches an exorbitant price. So, before you spend your hard-earned money on a ruby gemstone, there are a few things you should consider.

Factors That Will Help You To Choose a Quality Ruby

Rubies come in a variety of quality, making it difficult to choose the best one. The key to selecting a high-quality, attractive ruby is to evaluate each gem’s color, clarity and cut.

Choose the right Hue of red stone

The color of the ruby has a significant impact on its total worth. Jewelers assess the color of a ruby based on three distinct characteristics: hue, tone, and saturation.

Ruby stone hue – A ruby’s hue refers to its overall color and takes into consideration the intensity of its red as well as any visible overtones. The greatest rubies have a deep, bright color with little to no zoning. Color zoning occurs when a ruby’s color is inconsistent. This frequently results in patches or “zones” of red that are brighter or darker than the rest of the stone.

Ruby stone tone – The depth of a ruby’s color is referred to as its tone. All rubies are mainly red, however, their tones can vary. Pinkish-red rubies can have light to medium tones, whereas purplish-red rubies have medium to dark tones. Rubies with a medium red hue are thought to be more appealing and valuable than those with lighter or darker hues.

Ruby stone saturation – The purity of the ruby’s color is referred to as saturation. A ruby with strong brown or orange undertones is considered to have low saturation, whereas one with a vibrant, pure red hue is said to have high saturation. Rubies with low saturation do not reflect light well and hence lack brightness.

Make certain that there are no obvious inclusions.

A high-quality ruby will be free of flaws. This implies there will be no discernible inclusions. Inclusions are microscopic threads, tiny droplets of metal, or bits of other Stones that were caught inside the gem during its formation. These inclusions stand out from the rest of the sapphire, although not all of them are visible to the naked eye.

The term “clarity” is used by jewelers to describe how many and what sort of inclusions a ruby possesses. A ruby with high clarity has no discernible inclusions, but one with low clarity has apparent spots, streaks, or microscopic fissures.

One of the best things about rubies is that the majority of them have color depth. This depth lets them conceal their imperfections and allows jewelers to cut rubies in a way that conceals more visible inclusions.

The best-quality rubies include a few imperfections, but they are “eye-clean,” meaning that none of them are visible to the human eye.

Don’t undervalue the significance of the cut

The cut of a ruby is also crucial in evaluating the gem’s quality. Natural ruby Stones are tubular or elongated hexagons.

Jewelers analyze raw ruby Stones carefully before cutting them to optimize their beauty.

To increase light play, most rubies are cut into ovals and cushions with brilliant-cut crowns.  But we can’t state that they are the usual cuts for rubies. Diamonds have specified cuts, while rubies do not. Every ruby is given a unique cut to hide inclusions, adjust for pleochroism, and bring forth its natural beauty. Ruby shapes include oval, cushion, round, pear-shaped, and even heart-shaped stones.

The cut of the ruby has a significant impact on its final beauty. Poor-quality cut rubies are generally dull and lifeless, but high-quality cut rubies are overflowing with color, fire, and brightness.

Wrapping Up

Ruby is a stunning and powerful gemstone that has been admired for centuries. It has a rich history and symbolism, as well as astrological benefits for those who wear it. However, not all rubies are created equal, and choosing a quality ruby requires a careful examination of its color, clarity, and cut. The best rubies have a medium red hue with high saturation and no visible inclusions. They also have a brilliant cut that enhances their sparkle and fire. By following these guidelines, you can find a ruby that suits your taste and budget, and enjoy its beauty and energy for years to come.

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