Netgear Router Stopped Working – Easy Tactics to Follow

Has your Netgear router stopped working all of a sudden? Well, that’s quite unfortunate as it can also halt access to the router login website i.e. But, you should never lose hope. Considering that, we have jotted down a few techniques in this discussion that will help you make your WiFi router work again. Keep reading.

Fixed: Netgear Router Stopped Working

Fix 1: Check the Power Outlet

If your Netgear WiFi router has become non-working after a power outage, then there is a possibility that the wall socket to which you have connected it has become damaged. Therefore, consider checking the same. Hundred to one-shots, if the assumption we’ve just made turns out to be true, then we suggest you make use of another power socket that is close to the modem. However, you also have the liberty of getting the current one repaired.

In case your area suffers a power outage randomly, then the best thing that will work in your favor will be a UPS. It will ensure that your router always gets a stable power supply no matter whether power surges or goes down. Additionally, check the WiFi router’s power cable. It must not be damaged from any point. If it is, get a genuine one from the Netgear store. Furthermore, avoid using a surge protector to power up the wireless router.

Fix 2: Replace the Ethernet Cable

There are chances that your Netgear router is working but the Ethernet cable joining it to the modem has worn out. In that case, you need to employ another but perfectly working Ethernet cable to connect your networking devices. But, keep in mind that replacing the cable with a new one won’t be of any help if you have not created a finger-tight connection between both devices. The most important thing is that your devices must be connected through the correct ports. To know which ports must be used for connecting the Netgear router and modem, check the user manual of the product.

Besides, have a look at the distance separating your WiFi router from the modem. It must not be too much. If you place both devices in two different corners of your houses, they won’t be able to communicate and your Netgear router won’t work properly. Be certain that the distance between both devices ranges from 8-10ft. Placing devices too close can also bring some issues to your table. Thus, avoid doing that.

Fix 3: Reboot the Router

There are chances that your WiFi router has been working for a long time and now needs some rest. So, what are you waiting for? Bless your router with what it is demanding. Restart it as soon as possible. Doing so will kick off network glitches that might have attacked it due to overworking.

In order to properly reboot your WiFi router, we suggest you power down the modem and disconnect the cable connecting it to the router. Now, it is time to switch off the router. Once done, unplug it and keep it idle for a few minutes. Once you feel that the router has been provided with enough time to rest, consider connecting the Ethernet cable to its Internet port and the modem’s LAN port. After that, power up the modem and then the router. Now, check if the Netgear router not working issue has been resolved or not. It can be done by accessing the router’s default IP i.e. If you fail, move to the next hack.

The Concluding Thought

That’s all about what to do to fix the Netgear router that is not working. We are expecting that the status of your Netgear router has been changed from non-working to working. However, in the case of failure, you should reset the router to the default factory settings. Once done, set it up again using a convenient approach.

After setting up the router, consider upgrading the router’s firmware as doing so can help you keep numerous WiFi router problems at bay.

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